Winter and Spring Outdoor Shows

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With the way the economy is today, any outdoorsman cannot afford to miss the outdoor shows in your area. Usually these shows take place in larger cities throughout the country. But they are also held in smaller areas as well.

If you get online and type in outdoor shows in your state there will usually be quite a few that pop up. These shows are also a great alternative to spending a lot of money on expensive vacations. There is usually something there for everyone in the family. There are seminars for the novice hunters as well as the seasoned veterans. These seminars are a great thing to take your children to and even your wife, to get them started in hunting.

There are cooking products, every hunting product you can think of, camping items, hunting videos, all kinds of hunting clothing and apparel, even automobiles. The great thing is most of these products are discounted far below than what you would pay at a store. I have bought many supplies at these shows for up to 80% off of retail.

At a lot of these shows you can even show off your trophy or trophies that you have taken over the years. Usually you can enter them in the trophy contest and your admission to the show is your entrance fee into the contest which is actually much cheaper than what you would pay. Plus you get to see all the other contest entries people bring in. These shows are a gold mine of information and they can also save you a lot of money at the register. So get your whole family out there and don't miss them!


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This was the first year I

This was the first year I didn't get to go with my dad and I really missed it. My mom and dad said they both had a great time and I seen the stuff they got there. It all looked good. I've watched one of the hunting video's so far and it was a good one. If you get the opportunity to go to thes shows do it. They are fun and a great time. Thanks for the tip.

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Thanks for the idea! I go to

Thanks for the idea! I go to the major show every year here in Portland, The only problem with it now a days is it very crowded, and The past 3 or so years I avent found any deals on anything. The prices i see are the same as they would be at the actual stores. It is fun to walk around looking at all the taxi work and stuff. but as far as buying new stuff I'll shop online and find better deals.

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Man; I used to go to the

Man; I used to go to the Springfield Sports show every year and wouldn't miss it. Used to was the words. Back a number of years ago when they used to have all the new rifles, handguns and ammo on display for everyone to examine and see whats up. All the latest fishing equipment, shows, seminars, game mounts boats etc etc etc. Loved it but alas, that was back then, the good old days as it were. I never bought much but did like to just walk around and inspect new items and maybe buy a few things for fishing and enter into some giveaways. Then the ammo was taken away, the guns were taken away and the admission price kept going up, just wasn't worth the long ride anymore for me anyway. But you're right it still is a good getaway for the closer crowd if you dont mind the crowds . Thanx. (Just my opinion)

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I’ve only been to one sportsman’s show.

ManoftheFall: I am not disagreeing with your tip, but I will share my experience for other readers just to throw out another perspective so that other readers have more information to draw on. 


I’ve only been to one sportsman’s show.  I won tickets to it by being the right caller at a radio station promo. After I won I loaded up my son and we drove the 50+ miles to the state capital, found elusive parking, and walked the half mile to the entrance.  Once inside I sat through a turkey calling seminar which basically amounted to “You have to try a variety of calls because you never know what will work, but the call I’m selling works best.”  ; and an elementary level show and tell of wildlife that let you see an owl and a bear cub close up.  Not really worth the drive to me.  We then wandered the retail booths – entered a couple dozen raffles (which produced no winnings) and bought $5 worth of beef jerky that lasted about 2 minutes.


I suspect that there are higher quality shows outside of a nanny state capital city, but it left me pretty disappointed in the whole sportsman’s show experience and certainly didn’t convince me that they were worth paying to get into.  In fact, as we were walking out I gave away my two spare tickets that I had won to another couple walking in because I didn’t think that it was worth making the drive again for even with free admission.

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I'm sorry about your bad

I'm sorry about your bad experience there Mike. I have been to several shows and enjoyed every single one. My son and I take the entire weekend and have gone to the Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo for like the past 7 years. Besides hunting season itself this is probably the most looked forward trip for my son and I every year. This year I will be taking my wife because my son had recent foot surgery and he will not be able to go. Mike, if you live near one of the mid-western states, check out the Deer and Turkey Expo's. I guarantee you will not be disappointed there. They put on great shows. 

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My wife enjoyed her first

My wife enjoyed her first experience there this past weekend. We saw Byron Ferguson perform his trick shots, bought some hunting DVD's, some really nice looking camo luggage, a camo purse for the wife, a nice camo outfit for the grandson, some jerky seasoning, and some cajun bourbon sauce. I don't think I left anything out. The most important thing is though we talked with alot of people and it looks like my wife will be hunting with me some this next fall. We definitely had a great time.

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Good tip on using the

Good tip on using the internet to find these shows. You would think as much time as I spend on this thing it wouldn't be a problem. I have never been to an outdoor show as I always hear about them to late to get the time off. I usually work weekends so I need to plan a few weeks in advance to get to go.

I missed the one in Denver again this year even though I planned to attend. I still think they changed the dates from last year. Next year I will make it happen or find another one even sooner to go to.

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Ha, ha Mike. It sounds like

Ha, ha Mike. It sounds like you just really hit it wrong. I can assure you that there are many good shows around the country. Maybe you should try another one in another area sometime if you get the chance.

I went to one two weeks ago that was in our area - a Boat and Fishing Show. If anyone was looking for a new boat, they sure had a lot of them to look at. They had them set up with "docks" around them so you could actually get in the boats, sit in the seats and see how much room they had, the layout of livewells, storage, etc.

There were lots of booths with vendors of all sorts of fishing tackle, most had 10-15 percent discounts for the show. Yeah - I think there were a couple of booths with jerky, and it's always kind of expensive - that's why I make my own.

There was a trout pond for kids and seminars for anyone who wanted to go.

All in all, it was a pretty good experience. Free parking, too.

I would encourage people to go to one if it's not in a big city. Stay away from cities anyway, it's just a better idea.  :>)