What Time is it?

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Are you sitting in your stand and moving your arm to see what time it is? Bad idea!

This is just another distraction - that averts your attention - and the movement may well cause deer to see you!

Outfit all of your stands - climbing, ladder and loc-on models, with an inexpensive analog watch like the one shown in the photos below! Get one with a Velcro band - the smaller version for youth is perfect - and you can adapt it to almost any location on your stand. These watches are available at all retail outlets and most of the chain stores offer this version for about $5.00 to $6.00.

I use the analog model because it is so much easier to see than the digital model and it can be viewed from almost any angle.

Once installed in the most advantageous location, all it takes is a glance to determine what time it is!

Another advantage - you never have to worry about whether or not you wore your watch!

Just another tip to help you in your quest for Mr. Big!

Stay safe and hunt smart!


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that is a really good idea

Good idea Jim.   


That is a really good idea.  Thanks for sharing it.  I’m to cheap to buy a separate watch for this but when stand sitting (now that’s a funny phrase) but anyway when I intend to sit in the same place for several hours on watch – I will often take my watch off and position it on my day pack so that I can see it by just moving my eyes while I hunt.           


I’m not a real good judge of elapsed time – I’m impatient!   So a watch in sight often helps me to sit still and quiet for a what-ever amount of time I mentally set for myself.

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great tip, but when I'm

great tip, but when I'm hunting I dont care what time it is.

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Good tip.

Good tip.

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Most of the time I make a mental note of what time sun set is at and where north is that way I have a really good idea of what time it is, but I do say that is a good tip since I never where a watch when I shoot my bow!

Good tip, but do we even need

Good tip, but do we even need a watch when we are out hunting? We should be relaxing not worrying about what time it is, need to check my e-mail, honey do list, etc unless its time for dinner : )

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I have always wondered why

I have always wondered why some hunters are so conserned about the time.  If you pay attention to the sun and the shadows you'll know just about what time it is.  Also wait until dark to come off of your stand.  You'll see a lot more animals that way.