Take Your Time

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With busy work schedules and family life where events sometimes change on a minute by minute basis it can be difficult to slow down when going afield. However nature works on a different time scale than the modern human. Events such as getting water or moving to another feeding location are measured in hours not minutes.

Often times an inexperienced hunter or one that has just come off a hectic schedule will not have the patience that is required to hunt. Spot and stalk hunting a ridge can take four to six hours before game will start moving around. Announcing there "is no game in that valley" after fifteen minutes of glassing is usually wrong. When hunting take the time to hurry up and slow down.


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This tip is all to true. I

This tip is all to true. I have learned over the years that being in to much of a hurry will usually keep you from getting your deer not help you at all.Many times I had glassed quickly and gotten ready to move on and as I was leaving spooked away a deer that was less than a 100 yards waiting motionless. Slowing down is hard to make yourself do but it will pay off if you can become more patient and slowly pick apart the terrain.

Thanks for reinforcing a good tip.

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My father in law once told me that an old man slows down when he hunts because he doesn't have the energy to run all over the place like the young man.  And seeing more game is God's reward for old hunters.

I like to go slow when hunting.  It is the only time I don't haev to worry about any clock but the sun.

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Great advice, thank you

Great advice, thank you

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You are right on. The moment

You are right on. The moment we wait for usually happens so fat. But what we need to do to work up for that moment can be very time consuming and require alot of patience.

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Good post

I'm always running and when I do get in the field I have to stop my self and slow down!

Good point BGH, one would

Good point BGH, one would think after a hetic schedule you would want to sit around and take some time...

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Unless you are just glassing

Unless you are just glassing for moving game it takes a lot longer than 15-30 minutes to glass out an area.  Remember you are looking for something out of the ordinary such as legs, eyes, and ear lficks and not the whole animal.