Take Photos and Videos While Stalking

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Use your video and still camera while stalking or tracking. Take a picture (or video) of where you last saw your animal, either on a stalk, or tracking. Landmarks that you thought would be unmistakable can easily be lost in the 'blur' of all the others (and in all the excitement). So, pull out your camera and go back a few frames, or your video camera and rewind. There's no point in relying on your memory only, when many of us have these things with us anyway.


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Good tip.

Good tip.

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It is a good tip but don't

It is a good tip but don't get too envolved with the camera.  You may just loose your game

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Good one

Thats a good tip, every thing looks differnt when you get there!

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Never would have thought of

Never would have thought of that thanks