Tactical Locker Room

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Use that 'locker room' scent you are wearing tactfully. Sometimes hunting down wind can't be avoided. Sometimes it can become part of your plan. We hunt rugged, hilly terrain ... and after an hour or two - we take on our natural 'locker room' scent. It can be used to advantage - to bump game at our timing. You can guess-timate the arrival of your 'smell' into that draw, or patch of timber - and be ready. An animal that sees and smells you is sure to flee (the other way - often with visual obstruction purposefully in the way). But an animal that can smell you only - if you are ready - might just move into your kill zone.


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HMMMM, interesting

HMMMM, interesting

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Yeah it usually takes them 2

Yeah it usually takes them 2 red flags to bust out of there. Good tip.

Never thought of it that way.

Never thought of it that way. Thanks for the info and sharing your tip

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I have found that animals

I have found that animals have a natural curriousosity and will investigate a new smell until the warning flag go up such as the smell and movement.  Then they are gone.