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If you want better sucess on your hunting trips stay in the field longer or like me, stay all day. A lot of people I know hunt for 3-4 hours in the morning. Then they'll go to camp for breakfast or lunch. They will then hang around camp till about 2:30 or 3 then hit the field again.

I like to eat before i go out first thing in the morning. I also pack a lunch and snacks and put them in my pack. I'll hunt hard from sun up till around noon then find a nice vantage point and eat while I glass. I will usually spend a few hours relaxing and glassing then hit it hard again for the afternoon and evening hunt. Most of the animals I see are between the hours of 10:00am and 4:00pm anyways, and most people are back at camp missing out on great opportunities at these mid day feeding animals. If you must go back to camp for some reason try to limit the time you spend there and get back to hunting. You never know when the animal of your dreams may give you a chance at mid day. Good luck to everyone.


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Okay I guess I'm guilty on

Okay I guess I'm guilty on this one also as I have never made it all day unless you can count sitting in the truck in the afternoon. Like most guys if sitting a stand I will leave after about 4 hours thinking that the best is probably over. I have always had pretty good luck but who knows how much better it might have been if I had stuck it out for the whole day.

dressing for comfort and bringing something to read are about the best suggestions for making this happen.

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wise words indeed Numbnutz!

wise words indeed Numbnutz!  


You guys are 100% right – the longer you sit - deer will actually get pushed toward you when other hunters leave and re-enter the woods for lunch time.  I see more deer between 10AM and 1 PM then I do me.  Before or after that!  I know that is totally against what you expect but that is when my neighbors leave their stands and then reenter the woods after lunch and push deer toward me.     

Besides packing a snack and drink to help you stay on stand you absolutely must dress for the weather.  You can’t sit still unless you are comfortable.    

So first find an area deer frequent – THEN do all you can to be warm and dry and you WILL see deer if you watch for them all day! 

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wise words

There's no reason if we plan accordingly and bring the things we'll need, that we can't manage an all! I think your advice is excellent and sometimes even experienced hunters need a little reminding that you've got to be there for IT to happen!!!


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Great tip!

This is oh so true.

I have never been able to make the all day sit before, but as the years have gone on, I have stretched the limits of the times that I sit morning and evening.

I am faced with my first ever midwest shotgun three day season this coming weekend and I have resolved to stay on stand all day.

I am sure in this hectic type hunt, the woods are gonna be packed with people, so the longer I sit - maybe the deer will actually get pushed toward me.

I just need to pack and plan accordingly, as far as food and drinks are concerned... so I do not have an excuse such as hunger or thirst to give me a good reason to leave the stand area.

I will bring the BlackBerry and maybe even a book to help pass the hours.

I will have my stands (two) prepositioned so I do not have to carry them into the woods as I hunt... I will just have to carry them out when I hunt that area the last time...

Can't wait...

Great tip, Numbnutz, thanks for posting!


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Great tip!

Another great tip!  I agree; I have seen a good deal of animals after most hunters have already given up and returned to camp.  As Critter said, a lot of deer get kicked out of their beds as a result of all the moving around.  I also have noticed that a lot of the deer tend to go to water later in the morning.  I don't know if it's just their pattern or because they have been exerting themselves more from being bumped multiple times.  Also, if you can sit all day, you’ll get another chance at deer that have been bumped when the second wave of hunters head back in the woods.

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Awesome tip. I have often

Awesome tip. I have often said I am going to do an all day sit but I have never made it. This year when the rut kicks in, if I don't have my buck yet, I will attempt it again. I have heard so many stories of monster bucks being shot mid day. Who knows, maybe I will have the next mid day monster story. 

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Very good tip.  I always pack

Very good tip.  I always pack my lunch and plan on staying out all, unles somthing unforseen takes me back to camp earlier.  Some of the best hunts I have had have taken place while everyone else is back at camp[.

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awesoe Tip

We will pack a lunch for our hunters when it gets closer to the RUT. We have killed lots of big bucks around 11-12 o'clock. I also think other hunters going home for dinner spooks them you way.