Squint To Avoid Eye Contact

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This is a tip I learned a long time ago and it has worked wonders for me time and again. When a deer is approaching you and your in your stand or on the ground, typically a hunter will do what is instinctive to do, which is look at the deer. However, looking at a deer is the same as staring at a deer sometimes they never know you are there and other times they look right at you and stare back.

When this happens, never continue to stare at a deer in the eyes. A deer can sense something is wrong and if you are staring at it then it can sense this as well. Humans are the only predators to have white as the base color of their eyes and a stare down with a cautious deer can lead to a white flag and a snort! Whenever a deer looks back at you, slowly close your eyes till you can barely see it or close them all the way and wait. This can and will help you in the woods, just think about it and give it a try!


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I have taken 2 deer that had

I have taken 2 deer that had spotted me but not making eye contact I believe they did not know I had spotted them.

I actually aimed my rifle at a 45 degree angle away from them and then slowly swung over for the shot. My eyes were never exposed to them and I would like to believe that is what made the difference. I could be wrong but it worked and that is what matters.

Some of the new sunglasses are perfect without much hassle to keep your eyes covered well.

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this tip came in handy this

this tip came in handy this past weekend putting a stalk on a buck that was with 2 does

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I try to never look a deer in

I try to never look a deer in the eyes.

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really good tip

What I do is wear a hat and I will tip my head down so I can only see there body and no eye contact. If its a shooter buck this also helps me think more about the shoot than the head gear!

Good tip, I wear non

Good tip, I wear non reflective sunglasses. But knowing me I will probably forget to not stare directly at em when I don't have sunglasses on.

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A mosquito nitted style face

A mosquito nitted style face mask also works quite well. 

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Close one eye

In addition to squinting I sometimes close one eye entirely. A deer may associate 2 staring eyes a predator but one eye is just a little white thing. Afterall, there are no one eyed predators.