Spend Time With Your Children

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I've been sitting here alone this evening looking at family and hunting pictures.

My best tip for everyone and I'm sure most or all of you feel the same is to spend every moment you can with your children.

I have hunted, fished, and camped a lot with my two kids and tried to include them in everything I did but I can tell you now I wish there was so much more. My daughter is 21 and my son is 18 and I see them every day. My son is my best friend and we still spend a lot of time together but not nearly like before. You forget that they are going to grow up someday and start a life of their own.

Now I know how my dad felt when I first took off.

The four of us hunt together frequently and I cherish every minute. I have a grandson that is nearly 2 and I can't wait to get him started to follow in the footsteps of the rest of us.

Anyway try to include them in everything you do and hopefully your reward will be like mine when they call you up to see if you're ready for that next trip.


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My dad is rarely without me

My dad is rarely without me when he is hunting or fishing. If it's outdoors, we are usually together. Now, my son is about 4 and 1/2. We will be getting him into fishing this year and taking him with us when we do things on our deer hunting properties. He's a little too young to hunt yet but those days are coming soon. Great tip, thanks for sharing.

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Yes, very true. I've hunted

Yes, very true. I've hunted with my son as he grew for a few years and now they're off on thier own, I love seeing father's and sons hunting together as I did with my dad. Thank you for posting.

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You are right on. I grew up

You are right on. I grew up hunting and fishing on my own. No father figure to teach me anything. I took my three children hunting and fishing and continue to do so to this day. My children are 24, 22, and 20. I will soon be starting the process all over again with my grandsons. Only this time I will have my children to help them learn and we will all get the enjoyment of watching them turn into outdoorsmen.

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Agree 100%, its a reminder to

Agree 100%, its a reminder to all us parents to spend as much time with your kids as possible. I take mine fishing and hunting and we go camping a lot during the summer. Not only get them outdoors, but be supportive and get involved with there other hobbies, like baseball,soccer,basketball. My oldest who is 10 isnt really into hunting but like fishing so thats what we do. He also plays baseball. my daughter love all outdoor stuff so she's easy, she also enjoys playing soccer. my youngest is a spitting image of me, love all outdoor stuff and all the same sports tha i do,but he's only 3 so I have some time before he's ready for my week long hunting trips. Thanks for the write up.

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My kids are only 4 years and

My kids are only 4 years and 7 months, so I have a little time to look forward to.

However, if I can develop even half the relationship that my Dad and I had, I will be a lucky man.

I still get home to Vermont whenever I can to hunt the November rifle season with him, and he will be out here this August/September for our annual Hunt/Fish/Golf weekend.

I started taking my oldest on "scouting" walks when he was just over 2 years old.  Hard to really get any scouting done with a 2 year old in tow, but it's still great!

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Hunting and/or Photograghy in the woods brings peace.

About a year ago my son was having a lot of arm and abdominal issues during the start of the High School portion of the never ending Arizona baseball season.  A couple Ibuprofen and an Energy Drink was usually the ticket getting through a practice or long weekend of games.  Playing with older kids frequently, he found they had a better solution in the dugout with Vicadin and Percecet.  Even as parents that are never seperated from their kids, we had no idea what was going on underneath our noses.  Our son went through substance program and is doing great now, but it was his love for the outdoors that helped him find inner peace hopefully put this short hiccup in his life behind him forever.

As this was coming to a conclusion, our daughter came down with Chrons Disease in September and was hospitalized for 7 1/2 weeks.  A 3 time State Champion Gymnast and Internation Cheerleader had her life stripped from her.  Her solitude in finding the other things available in life has also come through the outdoor with hunting, shooting and most of all, photograghy.

Yes, 2010 was a tough year, but keeping the family together and outdoors has pulled us all through it.  Next stop, Spring Turkey in Arizona then off to Kodiak for some summer fishing.

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I can't agree more.  You are 100% right.  My son is just getting old enough to hunt with me and it is a real pleasure watching him enjoy it.  Very special times indeed.

No one lays on their death bed and thinks "I should have spent more time at work and less time with my kids...."

If you hunt WITH your kids you wont have to hunt for your kids!

Spend time with your kids whether you are hunting or not.  You won't regret it!

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I could not agree with you

I could not agree with you more!!  I spent most of this past waterfowl season hunting with my 5 year old little boy.  And no direspect to all my hunting buddies, but this was one year were I had a lot of fun.....most I have had in a long time.  Maybe because where when hunitng with buddys all we want to do is get our game and get home.  With our kids its more about just being out there..the kill is the bonus.   I would take a day in the field without firing a shot with my Boy or Dad over a full limit of geese anyday.....those days spent in the field are were the memeories come from the kill!!

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x 1000 !!!


I was very blessed to have grown up just like that with my family. Now with my kids being raised the same way and I am in the same boat. My daughter is 20 and my sons are 19 and 17 and I too am starting to notice the change. No grand kids yet and I hope at least for a little while.

We all try to hunt together every year also including my brother and sisters families and my mom and dad, so it is still very cool. Hopefully it it never changes !


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Right On!

I well remember the time that my dad spent teaching me to fish and hunt. Our family went camping each year - back when almost everyone slept in a tent! (waaaaay back!) I agree that it is a great thing to do with your kids, and you'll never regret the time you spend with them.

It's no guarantee that they won't get led astray by the wrong friends or their own foolishness, however. I started sneaking drinks and getting drunk on weekends when I was in high school. While in the Army I started using pot. After getting out I added speed and lsd to my arsenal of "fun stuff to do". I almost killed myself and several other people because of my stupidity.

It was finally a personal encounter with the Lord that brought me back to rational thinking and changed my life forever. One of the hardest things I ever did, but also one that brought me the greatest sense of relief was to apologize to my parents for what I put them through. They had done so much for me, and I geve them a lot of grief and probably gray hairs, too!

I'm a senior citizen now, and I thank God every day that both my mother and father loved the outdoors and spent time with me. I am now enjoying watching my son pass on to his three boys the love of hunting and fishing that I passed on to him.

Thanks for the reminder, Hunter 25 - you've brought back some precious memories and made us all think about the value of spending quality time with our kids.