Shooting Multiple Birds with One Shot

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Getting more than one bird (e.g. ducks) in one shot is no accident, nor is it luck. Here is how: 1) get good with your firearm (so that you are a good shot); 2) use quality ammo and the correct gun and choke (for regularly taking your waterfowl); 3) deliberately pick a predominant bird that happens to have one or several beside and behind it and deliberately aim at the predominant bird. Then pull the trigger. If you just get the bird you are aiming at - you haven't lost anything. But, you will often get the one you are aiming at and perhaps one to the side or behind. But, if you try to get more than one bird by "flock shooting" or shooting between birds – you will probably just get air.


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Definitely pick your bird and AIM at it!

You are absolutely right Jeff. 


 If you shoot at a whole flock, you are going to most likely miss them all.  As posted above, pick your bird and AIM for him and it will hugely increase your odds of dropping a bird when you pull your trigger.  If you happen to get more than one that’s just a nice bonus  J

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Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing.

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Good tip.

Good tip.

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I used to flock shot really bad now by taking time I’m a better shot!

Good advice. I have tried the

Good advice. I have tried the flock shooting attempt before and got nothing. Makes sense what your saying though

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It will work with ducks and

It will work with ducks and geese that are coming in for a landing but other than that you would be trusting to your luck