Picture Perfect

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After you shoot your animal (deer, elk, etc.), and if there are children or women around, or if your prize is worth pictures, before anything - just pull out your knife, cut the tongue off, and discard. Otherwise - sure enough - your pictures will disclose this big ugly tongue hanging out. You probably didn't notice - you were looking at the antlers. But everyone else will see the tongue - and exclaim - "gross!"


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It is hard to rememeber to bring a camera.  Seems like it is bad ju ju.  When I have a camera in the pack, I don't get any game.  But I often will come back to the deer with an ATV and a camera to use before dressing the game out.  I have never considered cutting the tongue off.  I just tuck it back in the animal's mouth.  It seems to me that if you cut it off you would make a bloody mess of the whole face area.  But I've never tried it, so I could be wrong????

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I always try to remember this

I always try to remember this but it seems that without fail I forget once every couple of years. And like you said many times it's someone else that notices after the pictures are posted or printed.

I hate for this to happen as I always try to show the animal the respect it deserves and how beautiful it was in life.

It's a little easier now that I have a spanish friend that gets upset if I don't bring her the tongues to cook for tortas.

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Good tip, although I've never

Good tip, although I've never done that.

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Ya I don't like the tongue pic's, get rid of it the picturesare for ever!

Good tip, my last bull had

Good tip, my last bull had his tongue hanging out after the picture

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The first thing that you need

The first thing that you need to remember is to bring a camera, witch I usually forget back at the truck.