Pick Your Bird

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While shooting at ducks (or other birds) in dense concentrations, to avoid overlimiting in species or sex, you may have to pick birds that are isolated or at the periphery of the concentration. Then pull the trigger.


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That's a good tip but for a

That's a good tip but for a problem that I have never had. I have barely ever bird hunted and when I have the problem is more of an under limit thing than over limit. I need to get some practice in before I go out again so I can put to good use any advice I get on hunting. I know it is also more likely to make a mistake when your shooting skills are not where they need to be.

Thanks again for the tip.

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Pretty basic but this is certainly true.

This is pretty basic advice, but it is certainly true.   



 It is also true that when you shoot at a whole flock that you are going to most likely miss them all.   

 As posted above, pick your bird and AIM for him and it will hugely increase your odds of dropping a bird when you pull your trigger.       

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great info, thank you

great info, thank you

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Good tip.

Good tip.

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good tip

good tip but I don't have that problem......LOL....

Easy common sense approach

Easy common sense approach that I would hope everyone does so they don't over harvest. Thanks for the hunting tip.

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If you are that close to your

If you are that close to your limit it may pay to pass up the bird in a flock and wait for a single to take.  Why risk hitting an extra bird if you don't have to?