One to Two Inches High at a 100

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When sighting in a rifle with only a 100 yard range a good rule of thumb is to put it one to two inches above the point of aim at 100 yards. 2" high for slower non-magnum cartridges and closer to 1" for magnum cartridges. For most cartridges this will keep the bullet in an 8" kill zone until roughly 250 yards, further for faster/flatter cartridges. Your mileage will vary, but for most cartridges this rule of thumb works well.


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I have a ballistic scope so

I have a ballistic scope so dead on at 100yrds and each drop down = 100 yrds

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Not a rifle hunter, but if I

Not a rifle hunter, but if I ever get the chance that is definitely something I will remember.

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Yep thats what I do!

My 300 wby mag is set at 3''

My 300 wby mag is set at 3'' high at 100. That puts it hair on at 400 yards

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I learned this trick well

I learned this trick well over 45 years ago and it still is true.  Good advise.

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That's a Great Tip!

I have also been doing this, or something similar for many years.

My dad always sighted in his rifle for dead on at 100 because where he hunted, he never got a shot over that - usually around 50. So that's what he taught me to do.

For those ranges it works well, but when I started hunting other places, I would sometimes have a shot over 100.

While doing some reading, I discovered this tip - probably from someone like Jack O'Conner or Jim Carmichael or one of those guys.

I started sighting in 3" high at 100 yards and have done that for over 40 years.

Next year for my Wyoming trip, I'm going to sight my .308 4" high at 100 yards.

With the load I will be using, that will put the bullet back on at 275 and about 6" low at 350 - still good for a zero hold at any of those ranges.