Night Light

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I don't know how many times I've stumbled over a rock or branch on my way to my stand in the pre-light hours of the day.  While sneaking through the woods, I trip over a branch and go crashing ahead as I try to regain my footing.  The deeper you go into the forest, the darker it is and the harder it is to walk quietly.

So I started carrying a flashlight.  I used the small mini-lights that were both lightweight and bright.  But you could see me coming from a mile away and I'm sure the animals saw that light even better than I could.  I tried putting my hand over the light and opening my fingers up to let just enough light out to see the trail.  It worked but I still gave off way too much light.  I bought a head lamp that had a strap that went around my head so I could go hands free.  I liked it a lot and loved it after dark at night when I was field dressing an animal. 

Then I found one that had just the ticket.... it could be switched from bright white to red.  The red gave off enough light to walk through the darkness but wasn't nearly as alarming to animals.  What made it so good was that it had both, the white and the red.  I use it to walk to my stand in the early morning darkness and I use it for hands-free field dressing after dark at night.  I wouldn't be without one now.  They can be picked up at most sporting goods stores and they don't cost an arm and a leg.  I keep it in my day pack at all times. 


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Thanks for the tip. There has

Thanks for the tip. There has been a couple of times I went to walk to my stand in the dark and I could not find it. A light sure would have came in handy then. After dark field dressing they are a must. Having one for your head would be even better so you can be hands free.

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Great tip, I too have a

Great tip, I too have a headlamp that has different settings for brightness, I like the red or blue for walking into my spot and the really bright white light for when cleaning game or putzing around camp. Although I did have a time sneaking into an area whith the red light on and moving very very slow and spooked some elk over 100yrds away, I know i want loud enough for them to hear me and the wind was in my face so i know they didnt smell me so i could only assume they saw my light. i just turned it off and they ended up coming back a short time later.

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Thats a good tip arrow. I

Thats a good tip arrow. I like red also and dont agree with white as the game can see that. I keep hearing that deer cant pick up the green either and to tell you the truth I still have my doubts even though thats all I use if possible. I bought a couple green lights called Stylists lights, they look like a pencil with a pocket clip, about 6 inches long and show green ( very bright) which shows up my tack lines I have placed to follow in the dark to my stands up the sides of the mountains where I hunt ( Not that I need them( ahem). These stylist can attach to your visor brim with the pocket clipRed or green is just a matter of preference I guess but either one is a great idea. Thx for posting!

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a million dollar idea for you to make your fortune on.

This sounds like a great tip to me ArrowFlipper.  I LOVE the baseball caps with lights built into the brim.  I don’t have to remember a flashlight and don’t lose the extra piece of gear (unless of course I lose my hat!). 


 I don’t use a light when I walk in at home, but if I am hunting public land I always use a light to walk in.  I think of it as a safety feature in that predawn half light when you can see shapes but not enough to clearly identify if the figure half screened by brush is a man or a deer moving through the darkness.  Deer don’t carry flashlights!


If I could find one that throws red light or green light that would be ideal just as you mentioned.  Another friend uses a hand held light with colored lenses that can be switched like the old military flashlights.  I think it’s a great idea but don’t need the extra weight of a separate flashlight to carry.  I have never seen the interchangeable lense covers or alternating bulbs for different colors in a headlamp of built into a cap (yet). 


All we now is for someone to seize this idea and make one of those Led lit hats with a couple of red or green bulbs and a couple white bulbs that can be switched on separately for walking in or field dressing.  There you go – a million dollar idea for you to make your fortune on.  Feel free to steal it, but only if you send me a free hat!


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Great tip. I have used

Great tip. I have used flashlights for many years. I don't really use them for walking to my stands because most all of my stands are on edges and I don't have to go very far into the woods. But field dressing after dark they really do come in handy.

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I will have to take a look at

I will have to take a look at some more lights as the ones I have now do not have the red feature. I tried one that did but it did not put out enough light to do me any good. Under normal circumstances I don't use a light at all as the area I walk in I have been over so many times I just do not feel that I need one.

But I can see where this would be very beneficial when hunting a new area, especially with the red feature so yu don't go chasing everything away before you get close.

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Good tip, flipper! I too have

Good tip, flipper! I too have tried different kinds of lights for this purpose. The little hat lights that clip on the brim of your hat are pretty handy. I have one that has 5 LED's and settings that turn on either three or all five of them. My favorite at this time is a light that has a strap for over the head or hat; it also has different settings, and can be adjusted for the angle you want for walking or field dressing an animal.

You mentioned the red light that's not supposed to spook animals - I have also seen that some lights use green for the same purpose. I haven't tried either of these colors, but my next light might have a combination of either red or green with white.

Thanks for the tip.


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As a safety tip while walking to or from your stand in the dark, wear a pair of cheap clear safety glasses!  For years I've worn prescription glasses, but several years ago had LASIK surgery.  Now that I don't wear glasses anymore, seems that no matter what, I'm getting sticks, spiderwebs, etc. in my face.  I've taken to wearing the clear plastic safety glasses and protecting my eyes.  It's tough enought to see with a flashlight as it is, so think safety!