Memorize Rocks

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Memorize rocks. Yes. And stumps. If you hunt an area regularly, memorize the things that look like deer... stumps, rocks, etc. Then one time you will be hunting along, and... "hmmmm, I don't remember that rock" ... and you will look more closely, and, aha! is actually a deer, hoping you would think it is a stump. Try it. It works!


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It has taken years of hunting

It has taken years of hunting the same areas before I finally stopped mistaking some logs and rocks for deer. It's amazing how many times you can be fooled by the same object. Or worsr to convince yourself that something is not an animal only to see it walking out of range after you turned your attention somewhere else.

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DEER move, and stumps DON'T!

Another good tip!


This has proven true for me multiple times.  I don’t think that Jeff is advising us to memorize every feature of the entire territory, but if you are sitting in one location – identify and mentally catalog every stump, rock, and bush.  That way if you are scanning the same area a few minutes later and there is another one – or one has MOVED – you will know that it is NOT a rock or bush or stump! 


Bushes move a little in the wind, but they don’t change location.  Shadows can grow or lengthen, deepen, or disappear but the don’t relocate in relation to the other terrain.




Good tip for new hunters.  Thanks Jeff,


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Great advice. I have had

Great advice. I have had stumps just walk away too.

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One time I seen what I

One time I seen what I thought was a white trash bag. When it got up I realized it was an albino doe. I was totally shocked.

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pay attention

I know the area I hunt really good and can be driving with some one new and I know what they are see before its even done coming out of there mouth, it good to pay attention!

Good tip, how about the

Good tip, how about the memory impared like myself, any recommendations?

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I have had rocks and logs

I have had rocks and logs stand up and walk away while I was watching them. 

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It's Interesting

Sometimes the opposite is also true.

It's interesting how things like that can appear to be animals when they are actually a stump, rock - or even just a shadow that you are viewing from a distance.

The very first year I was hunting, I was watching something about 100 yards away that looked for all the world to be a bedded doe looking right in my direction.

Ears, flat top of the head, etc.

I had a doe permit, and after watching it for a long time, I finally decided it had to be a doe, so I shot to hit it right between the eyes.

It didn't move, so I got up and slowly walked toward it.

Of course, it disappeared as I got closer - it was only a shadow.

It wasn't a good example of making sure of your target, but as a novice hunter I learned a valuable lesson:

Just as real animals can appear to be rocks or stumps, the inanimate objects can also appear to be animals.