Making a Convenient Wind Tracker

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After the Wind Tracker products have become unavailable for purchase, I have been looking for something to fill the void in my hunting gear. When I have a problem, I always start by breaking it down into spate questions; this helps me visualize what I need and what to do.

The first question I always ask is: “What do I need this thing to do?”

I need this device to carry a small amount of synthetic fiber so that I can use the fibers to determine wind direction. It needs to be compact and quiet and be able to attach to my bino harness. The materials I had available to me included a lens cloth in a neoprene pouch.

I took one of these pouches (which are already equipped with a small hook in order for you to attach it to your bino harness) and removed the lens cloth. I then took a small amount of Dacron fibers and stuffed the inside of the pouch. After the pouch was filled, I sewed the bottom of the pouch half way closed so that I could pull small amounts of fibers out at will.

Having both a lens cloth and the fiber pouch clipped to my bino harness can be cumbersome at times, but it remains very compact and quiet.

Having my Wind Tracking device so readily available helps me keep my mind on what the wind is doing. I use them frequently, and absolutely love the performance of the fibers. At a distance, you can see the swirls in the wind, catch updrafts, downdrafts and other changes in the wind currents.


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Wind checker from nature

Seems we all use some type of wind checking device.  I prefer to use the "silk" fibers from a milk weed pod.  I harvest a pod or 2 each year & let them dry, then pluck the seeds from the "silk" and put the "silk" in a plastic skoal type container.  I can sit in my stands or on the ground and let a couple of the fibers float, and watch the wind currents for a long way.

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i definately think fibers are

i definately think fibers are the way to go. since i hunt out west mostly, i like knowing what the wind is doing as far out as i can see the fibers. the powder only tells you what the wind is doing next to you. 100 yards away the wind could be way diiferent, or it may sweep along a hillside or start falling. right to the nose of my prey.

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I'm not exactly sure what you mean by synthetic fiber, but I think I have an idea.  Wind direction is critical in hunting.  Much more critical than some hunters believe.  I was sitting on the edge of a field watching some deer come out on the far side.  They had to be 300 yards away at least.  I was hidden behind some brush and was not moving.  They wandered out into the field for a short time, lifted their heads into the air and hit the road.  There was an ever-so-slight breeze behind me that I had not even thought to check.  Guys spend a lot of money to buy scent blocking cloths, only to be busted because they think they can just hunt without checking the wind.

As a bow hunter, the need to know wind direction is critical.  I saw guys use the little dust containers and spray some dust into the air.  They work to tell the general direction of wind right beside you.  What I eventually ended up with sounds similar to what ndemiter has used.  I picked up some fluorescent micro fiber used in making fishing lures and flies.  It's extremely visible and very lightweight.  I have some tied onto my bow.  It works especially well while in a tree stand.  I pull off a strand or two and drop it.  I can watch it floating through the wind currents for a long ways, all the way until it hits the ground.  Maybe the wind changes directions before as it gets lower.  I can see as it floats around.  It's the best thing I've found and it's very inexpensive.

Yes, I do believe wind direction is critical, even out here in the West where I can see deer 500 or 600 yards away.  With a slight breeze, those animals too will catch your scent and vanish.  I try to limit my scent, but I also try to hunt into the wind.  Thanks for a great tip.


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Thanks for sharing your idea Ndemiter.

Thanks for sharing your idea Ndemiter.           

 The question that this article brings to mind for me is – DO YOU need a device to determine wind direction? I certainly wouldn’t buy one.  But if you feel the need to determine the wind drive when it is too insignificant for you to feel, then a single thread between three and six inches long attached to the muzzle of your rifle would answer that requirement admirably.  Use what works for you but that is the method that I would use, if I bothered at all…..


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Thanks for the great tip. We

Thanks for the great tip. We all know trying to be where the wind is in our favor is probably the most important factor when deer hunting. I just may have to try something like this. Thanks for sharing.

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This is a great tip and I

This is a great tip and I think I'm going to put it to use for myself. I've always watched the wind and have used some of the puff bottles in the past but seem to have a knack of losing them in one of my pockets when I need them most. I have several of the little pouches that you mentioned and will modify one like you said. Having it hanging right there I should be able to keep it where I need it and be better prepared the next time out.

Thanks for sharing your tip, It's a good one.