Make Your Own "Super-Mix" for Deer Plots

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I see all of these food plot mixes advertised - and I am sure that some of them are super - but why not experiment and come up with something that works great for your plots and your hunting land?

Here is what I did on a new place for this year - this 3. 3 acre plot started as a 10 year old abandoned field that I cleaned up - it had volunteer pines, blackberry bushes, some elm saplings, etc in it...

It was then planted in buckwheat - heavily - in early spring. I lightly fertilized it when the BW was planted with 19-9-19.... I think I put 400 lbs or so on it...

I let the buckwheat go to flower and then harrowed the buckwheat in during mid June (I have a companion post to this on buckwheat, if you care to read it).

I feel the buckwheat - as green manure - is key.

In late June, the week before 4th of July - I planted 500 lbs of seed on 3.3 acres...

40 % soybeans
30 % iron clay peas
20 % peredovik sunflowers
10 % lablab beans

This was a mix that I conconcted and made up myself - thus the theme of this post!

I did not fertilize when I planted the beans.

I did not take a soil sample when I planted either time - but took two samples 2 weeks ago - the ph in two spots in the plot is 5.5 and 6.2 - which is not that great.

It started growing - and with good rain - it has not quit yet - and we are almost to October! 

The beans literally went out of control - they were 46 - 48" tall - and then we got some heavy rains which matted them down and made a dense tangle of beans.

The sunflowers bloomed beautifully (til the deer noticed them) - I wish I had added a little more of these...

Most of the plot is about 40" tall now.

We started hunting in mid August (I an in Game Zone 6 in SC - the glorious LowCountry - come visit!) and I sat this plot several times already - when the deer walk into the plot - they flat disappear! If they do not pick their heads up - you can not see them.

I have been delighted with this mix - and it came together after several years of trying this and that... it will not work in all areas - but if you experiment some.... you might just come up with the "perfect recipe" for your area and you will be feeding your herd as you do it!


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Good information on food

Good information on food plots and maybe someday I will have a piece of land I can put this informaton to use. I have 35 acres but it's covered with Colorafo pinon and no water for miles around.

I would like to have a getaway property with some fod plots in another state someday so this informatin will be filed for future use.


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good looking plot, thanks for

good looking plot, thanks for sharing. Hopefully someday i will own some land that i can manage for some killer huntinf. thanks again

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Great Tip

That's one good looking food plot.

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Thanks for the information. I

Thanks for the information. I will have to write this down and give it a try when I'm able to do a food plot. Thanks for the tip.