Make Your Homemade Deer Stand Quiet and Comfortable

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Dad has plenty of homemade deer stands on his property with at least 4'X4' stand bases/floors to sit on.  The homemade stands are as comfortable and quiet as the high end pre-fab mass manufactured stands on the market.  Here is how to make your stand comfortable and quiet.

For comfort on a homemade stand we place a plastic or metal chair on the stand.  The chair allows you to sit comfortably while focusing on the hunt.  The chair also allows you to pivot quietly around.  The chair definitely beats sitting on hard wood or an upsidedown bucket.  When the hunt is over you tip your chair over to keep the rain from puddling on the seat - or fold up and lay down depending on the type of chair.  Wood or Fabric chairs can be used but the elements and animals will get to them eventually destroying the chair.  We also tie parachute cord on the leg of the chair to the tree so winds do not blow it off.

As for making a homemade tree stand quiet simply staple or nail a small piece of indoor-outdoor rug or mat down that covers the entire wood base/flooring.  The rug floor keeps your feet (and chair) or anything that is accidentally dropped from giving your position away.  Regular carpet doesn't work as it holds water, will mold, and certainly will break down or be destroyed by squirrels.


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Great tip and good

Great tip and good information. I don't get to sit in a stand very often but if I ever get to build my own I will definately take these ideas into the plan. I did sit in one for a few days in Texas last year and they could have sure used these ideas. We only had creaky metal fixed chairs and hard fllors that banged and echoed if you dropped anything. Even the walls thumoed loudly if you accidently bumped them so I can see maybe some carpet or foam would be a good idea there as well. For all the time and money that goes into the hunt a few extra measures can make a huge difference in comfort and the quality of the hunt.

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Great tip.

Good suggestion to save some cash.  I'd add a comment on the metal chairs though.  Take some padding to insulate your butt and back from the cold chair.  We sat in a blind last year when it was about 10F and frozen our butts off, literally.  The second day in the blind was much better when we took a couple of blankets to fold into an insulating cushion.  And with a stand, you're going to get the wind pulling heat off the chair too and make it that much colder.

Adding the carpeting is a great idea too.  That would also be a great addition to a blind to help keep it quiet.


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Great tips, My family back in

Great tips, My family back in Minnesota build there own stands too. They look more like tree houses but the are comfortable and work very well to keep you out of the elements. One thing they do is get old office chair with metal bases remove the wheels and weld them to steel plates then mount them to the floors. That way you have a comfy chair that rotates 360 degrees. I hunt public land out here so building a stand just isnt practicle for me but for those of you that hunt your own or private land this is a great tip, thanks for sharing.

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These types of stands are

These types of stands are definitely great ideas. I once had permission on a certain property where the land owner had one of these type stands up. The chair was awesome because it was on a swivel base and you could turn 360 degrees nice and quiet. I took several deer out of this stand. Thanks for sharing your tip.