Make a Sneak: Use Folds in Terrain

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What may look like a bare open field, or hillside, may have just enough 'folds' (unevenness) to make a sneak. Elk manage to get in and out of farmers' fields, undetected, using folds in terrain - and they are big creatures!

Ducks and geese lounge away the day unharrassed in shallow indentations in fields 'just off the road' ...undetected by passersby and hunters alike. So if they can do it - so can we. You might just get close enough for a long shot. Try it - might just work. What have you got to lose?


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This is a good tip and pretty

This is a good tip and pretty basic information. It is amazing how well even some of the flattest looking terrain can hide you if you get down low enough and use it to your advantage. Just be patient and don't stick your head up to soon.

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it is a definite must

You must use the terrain to your advantage.  Whether it is using an elevated ridge to glass from or a draw to sneak through using the terrain is just as important (maybe even more so) than playing the wind.  It is amazing how much cover a shallow depression can offer.  So go ahead and belly crawl up on that flock – just keep your muzzle up and hunt safe!   



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great stuff, i always use the

great stuff, i always use the terrain

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Yes, good one.

Yes, good one.

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good tip

Thats a good one to keep in mind!

I have used this with some

I have used this with some good luck myself. And I have animals use this on more accounts that I can count where they dissappeared within thin air

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I have a set of photos of

I have a set of photos of when I put a sneek on a buffalo in Utah in 08.  All the way in I used the terrian to my benifit and got within 30 yards of him before he knew that I was there.