Make a List

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How many times have you gone on a hike, hunt or fishing trip only to find out you have left something at home?  It's almost inevitable that something will get left behind.  You can stand around just before leaving and rack your brain trying to think of everything, but when you get into the field, you realize you left something behind.

What I have done is to create a list for all my outings.  Whenever I get ready to go on a hike or hunt, I print out a copy of my list and as I get packed and ready, I cross off things on my list.  If there's something I don't need (like ammunition on a fishing trip) I just cross it off up front. 

I print myself off a copy of my list and the first thing I do is go over the list and cross off anything I know I won't need.  That leaves only what I want to take.  Then as I start packing, I cross off each item I load.  When I'm ready to go, my list should be completely crossed off.  I usually come home after an outing and find my list laying on the counter somewhere, completely marked off.

As I find something new or buy something, I type it onto my list so I will always have it.  As I get older, the more valuable my "list" has become.  It's easier all the time to leave something important behind.


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Make the List

Arrowflipper - I read your tip well before my 1st mule deer hunt and thought it was a great idea. I ended up making an excel spreadsheet. I broke down the list into five header columns of needs - clothing, camping gear, hunting gear (or fishing gear), food, and finally other/optional. Then I listed the associated item under their respective columns. As I shared this with my hunting partner we determined other items to insert or classify as optional. We then print this spreadsheet out prior to our trip and place a check mark next to each item as it is packed. I can't wait to use it next month on my Bull Elk hunt. If anyone is interested in this document just contact me through this great web-site and I will be happy to forward to you the excel spreadsheet.






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very interesting

Retired2hunt...... very interesting how you made your list.  My list has "Hunting List" on the top and then 4 categories......  Field Gear, Personal Gear, Camp Gear and Food Supplies.  Sounds like old retired guys think alike.  I too would send a copy to anyone who wanted it.  I'm sure mine won't fit everyone's needs, but it might give them ideas on how to make their own list.  Thanks for the great reply.    arrowflipper

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I probably should do the same

I probably should do the same since I have forgotten things.  The only list I make up is the list of things I wish I owned.  That list gets added too for shopping at the end of the season when things are marked down.  Then I try to get what I can and prioritize what is really needed.  I do separate everything into containers.  For example all the kids gear is in individual containers and ready to go. A simple list before you walk out door would come in handy.  Last year we left the 243 ammo on the counter top.  Lucky we had 3 bullets in the glove compartment.

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Good tip.  I make so many

Good tip.  I make so many list righta all season long especially as In think of stuff I still need or stuff I still need to fix repair and  such stuff like that.  Escpecially the stuff I for got the year before.  But it never fails I get up tghere and still have forgotten something I could use.  Kbnow for the most part I can do with out it, just would have been nice to have.  Well see how I do this year!

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You would think the one thing

You would think the one thing that I do most, deer hunting, I wouldn't ever forget anything. I think I will make up a list and look over it every time I walk out the door just to make sure I have everything. Thanks for the tip.

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I am always trying to get my

I am always trying to get my stuff togeather just going through my head on what I need, and it never fails  I always forget something, so maybe I will try the list thing this year. Thanks for the idea.

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A list has saved many of

A list has saved many of hunts in the last couple of years, but i my list gets up dated alot!!  One thing my wife told me to do is break my different hunting and fishing trips in to different list.  It works a lot better for me.  Thanks

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Im always making a list

Im always making a list before a hunt.

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good tip Arrow Flipper

I am a list maker.  Every day I write down things to remember to do later.  I make lists as I plan for a trip including hunting trips and double check everything as I pack and repack. But for more routine hunting close to home, I have a variation on the list making idea.  What I do is store all my gear for that type of uting together so that when I go to get one thing - everything that goes with it is right beside it.  Thus all my turkey calls and decoys and blinds are together.  All my goose hunting decoys, and life jackets, and calls are together, all my deer lure scents, and grunts, and etc. are together so depending on which hunting season it is, I have a bunch of stuff presorted and ready to go when ever that time of year comes around again

Now if I could only remember what I did with my list....