Lure in That Black Bear

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Beaver castor dried is flammable. Put one pound castor in a coffee can with 2 ounces of sterno, set in bottom of bait barrel, light with match. Leave area, or you will smell like a beaver for months!


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Like the others I have no

Like the others I have no idea what beaver castor is but have no doubt that it is potent stuff.

Although I have never had a bear license when it was still legal to bait here I know of guys that would use the old strawberries from the grocery store and heat them up in a similar fashion. They swore it worked but I never got a chance to try it.

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a month!


I’m not sure that I WANT to smell like a beaver for months!    


But I WOULD like to bring bears in.  It is illegal to bait them in New York, but it is NOT illegal to use scent based attractants and I think this would qualify.  I wonder if it would be worth trapping beaver to get the castor?  I’ll watch for road-kill beaver just in case I happen to get an opportunity to get one to contribute to bringing in a bear!     


 Thanks for the tip.

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Great info, thanks

Great info, thanks

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Never heard of that one.

Never heard of that one. Sounds interesting.

My friends used beaver last

My friends used beaver last year and they said they bears really loved them. I'm going to have to google beaver castor since I'm not sure what exactly that is. Thanks for the tip

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It works but you have to

It works but you have to learn to stay out of the direction that the odor is moving or else you'll attract some unwanted beavers 

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Bear Love Beavers!

I don't know what it is either, but this is not the first time I have heard that bear love beavers.

I suppose it's something like "women love chocolate" - it's almost a universal truth.

I've seen hunting shows where they tried everything to keep a bear from stealing a beaver and running away before the hunter could get a shot.

They wired it to a tree, nailed it to a board and then to a tree, they even tried a small dog chain through the carcass to secure it to a tree.

Every time, when a bear came in, as soon as it discovered the beaver, it would rip it off the tree or whatever and run off into the woods with it - presumably to keep another bear from getting it.

I also don't have a clue as to what beaver castor is, but if I was a bear hunter, I think I'd find out because bears really love beaver!