Look for Water Ripples

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If you are hunting creatures that use the water, for example moose, or puddle ducks... look for ripples. Yes, ripples! If you actually see the animal, it can also see you, and it may be too late. But if you come around a bend, and look for and see the ripples - generated by what is ahead and still out of sight, you have "spotted" your animal before it can spot you.


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The only time I'm around that

The only time I'm around that much water I'm fishing but I'm sure it would work. Of course it can and does work for the fish also.

I have actually spotted a few beaver and muskrats for this very reason that I would have never seen otherwise.

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Great info, i wouldnt have

Great info, i wouldnt have thought of that

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Great tip.

Great tip.

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never would of thought of that. always anxious to see the entire water hole. I will think of this the next time out.

Very easy common sense

Very easy common sense hunting tip that I would probably never have figured out. Thanks!

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I guess that I'll need to

I guess that I'll need to quit hunting in the desert areas to try this trick but I can see where it would work