Keep Your Barrel Clean

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Here is a quick and easy way to keep your rifle clean of snow, rain, mud, or dirt when you are in the field this fall. I carry a bore snake with me in my pack and run it through once or twice if you get some dirt, snow, mud, or rain down your barrel. What I like about the bore snake is they are light and easy to use and only take less than one minute to remove the bolt and run the snake through a couple of times.


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when i'm in the field with my

when i'm in the field with my rifle i put a black water balloon on the end of my muzzle, that keeps the crud out and you can shoot thru with out messing up your shot

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I always have one with me at

I always have one with me at all times when I have my rifle out.  Another quick way to keep a few things out is some electrical tape over the muzzle.  It will blow off when you pull the trigger, or you can try the old army trick of the contraceptive over the muzzle. 

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Bore Snake

Always thought of buying one of those!

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Good tip.

Good tip.