Inexpensive and Effective Deer Feeder

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Here is an inexpenive and effective deer feeder I made recently.

No batteries to go dead, no hoisting it up in the tree, plenty of capacity, very easy to fill - so far, I love it.

I have made two of these and they are easy to build.

An empty 55 gallon drum, some 2x4's, some PVC tubing and fittings, a little bit of hardware and some paint - and you are ready to go.

I designed it so you can stand on the lower rung and fill it - the top is about 6.5 feet above the ground.

It holds about 375 pounds of corn, so unless you have a tremendous deer herd, you do not have to fill it all the time!

We are in SC - so this is legal to have on the lease during the hunting season.

Corn is about $28 per drum for us, so it is not overly expensive to fill, either.

The corn dispenses out of a 2" PVC tube, which is cut off at an angle with a downward protruding section of pipe left so that the angle does not sit flush with the ground - you want about 1.5" of gap between the ground and the dispensing section of the tube.

I put a flat rock or piece of plywood under the tube to give the corn someplace to fall out on - so that it is not in the dirt.

Make sure you have a great roof, preferably with an overhang so the water can run off... I had to modify the roof on this one after it was built to keep water out - which is critical to success... if the corn gets damp, it will sour immediately!

There may be one downside to these - the deer may be a little skittish about it at first - I built and put two of these out and one of them, it took them a lot longer to get used to... but it is out in a field... the other is on an old logging road and they took to it right away.

These are easy to move - the one on the logging road - I drug it in there with the four wheeler - just tipped it over, lashed it to the vehicle and just pulled it all the way in there.

Have some fun, be creative and feed your herd - build one or two!

If I can help with pictures or plans - just drop me a message!


Critter done's picture

Great Tip

I love it,You just saved me about $700 for my guide service.

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great tip and design, i bet

great tip and design, i bet this will help some people out. thanks for the info.

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That definitely seems like a

That definitely seems like a great idea. I have seen ones in stores similar to that and they run around $400 dollars.