Hefty Scent Control

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I have recently come across a product that will help the hunter protect his/her clothes from unwanted scents. Actually, my wife found the product to store large items such as pillows. One look at it and I quickly snatched up the remaining ones for my hunting gear. I am talking about Hefty One Zip Big Bags. They are 22 gallon zip lock baggies and are great for storing all your hunting gear.

Scent control is important for all types of hunting, but it is critical for success when bowhunting. If you are not careful with controlling your scent then a sudden wind change can spell disaster for your hunt. Also, no matter how well you plan when placing your stand for the prevailing winds, you can't control which direction that big buck chasing a doe will actually come. So once again it comes down to eliminating your human scent.

The Hefty bags are relatively inexpensive (about a buck a piece) so I use one bag for each set of my clothes. I put a shirt, pants, socks, long underwear, or other items, in a bag along with a quick burst of my cover up spray. Squeeze out the air and not only have I protected my clothes from unwanted scents, but I have impregnated them with my cover scent and I don't have to go rummaging around in the morning trying to figure out what to wear. A complete set of clothes are ready for me in the morning.

I store my backpack and accessories in a bag too. It is just as important to keep these items free of human scent too.

So look in the kitchen and maybe you'll get lucky and can steal your wife's Big Bags or just head down to the grocery store and pick up some in which to store your clothes and gear. Protecting and storing your clothes has never been easier.


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This is a greatĀ tipĀ and I had

This is a great tip and I had no idea that they made those bags that big. I'm gonna look for some the next time I go to town. I just picked up some cover sprays on clearance at wal mart and the two of these will work perfectly together.

It will also help to keep the dirty clothes isolated from the clean ones for more scent control.

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I will have to look into that

I will have to look into that

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I have never seen bags that

I have never seen bags that big. I will have to look in the store to see if I can find any.

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Great idea

I will look into this. Ihave always hung them outside the day before and use alot of scent spray. Store bought. there was another tip on do it yourself cover scent. Im going to try it and add it along your tip. I should be set!

Good idea. I use to store all

Good idea. I use to store all my camo in my wall tent. But I really never noticed them smelling unless I had been standing around the campfire till I was out hiking one morning and could still smell the odor of bacon and eggs on them from cooking that morning

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I have learned to store my

I have learned to store my hunting clothes in a plastic bag with what ever type of follage that I will be hunting in. Also do not cook with them on. Wood smoke sometimes will mask your smell and is a common sent in the woods.