Happy Feet!

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My biggest discomfort when it comes to hunting is my feet and when they get cold or wet my hunting fun slowly turns to a job trying to keep comfortable.

In my opinion wool socks are the only socks you should be using while hunting. Any other socks do not provide the proper insulation and if they get wet all they are good for is giving you blisters. A common myth people share is that cotton socks will keep you cooler than wool because of the lighter fabric but I have noticed that wool socks in summer are the better choice for their insulating value and their water wicking ability. Synthetic material in my opinion are not the best choice for your feet but they are better than cotton for hunting purposes as they possess some water wicking and insulation value but are not as comfortable and effective as wool in my opinion. I have tried a number of wool socks and synthetic blend socks over the years and have decided wool is your best hunting choice!


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Wool is the Way


I've had problems previously with my feet getting cold.  Poor circulation when standing still most likely the issue.  I went and bought a better boot but was still having problems.  I then switched from cotton to wool for my socks and that was the way to go.  I've never went back and will stay true to my wool.



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I agree with what you all

I agree with what you all have said. I guess it's a matter of what you find works for you through trial and error. I always had problems since I started my hunting with my feet getting so cold it hurt to walk on them until they got warmed up and circulation flowing.

The only thing I found a few years ago was good pack boots with 1000 to 1200 grams of thinsulate and good cotton socks. I use muck boots, For me since I've been wearing those my feet rarely get to the point of freezing anymore. I can sit for hour's  this way. Just my opinion.

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Your'e absolutely right. A

Your'e absolutely right. A good pair of wool socks just can't be beat. I tried some synthetic socks from a very reputable company but they just didn't feel right to me. They kept my feet very warm but the biggest problem for me was sweating to much. According to the manufacturer breathability was what they are made for but it sure didn't feel that way to me. I've never had that problem with wool.

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wool and GOOD boots

Wool socks are a good start but equally important are good boots. 

I have been very comfortable in Wolverine brand boots even in snow and highly recommend them.

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Good Tip

Great Tip. I would have to say that my feet are the biggest problems of comfurt when it comes to the cold season. I can never seem to keep them warm and dry.

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Great tip, I always wear wool

Great tip, I always wear wool

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Great tip, I hate cold wet

Great tip, I hate cold wet feet.

Good tip, I would also

Good tip, I would also recommend checking out synthetic socks they are the bomb

Wet Cold Feet

Good read. Many reasons why I wear Wool. When outdoors you never know when your gonna test the waters.