Google Earth Tip #3

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In all my experiences, plus I am sure everyone has read about a few times. Elk love to bed on the north slopes. Well I also believe they love to feed on the south slopes with alot of grass, if you can find water near by next to all three, you will be golden.  To find those north slopes with the most shade, be sure to turn on your shading on Google, and then if you turn on your day time slider that shows history of acquistion data you will be able to see which slopes or canyons get the darkest quicker or even areas that stay dark all day long. I am a huge Google Earth user, if you are not and have a hard time getting out to scout, you need to be a Google user asap!


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Great tip, i love google

Great tip, i love google earth

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good tip

good tip

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Great tip. Maybe I will try

Great tip. Maybe I will try incorporating that into my whitetail hunting.

Sweet tip, I never knew

Sweet tip, I never knew google earth had all those options

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Good tip I use it all the time but never thought of doing that!