Get Closer: Camo Your Face

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If you want to get close to big game while using camo, one of the most important places is your face. I have found that if I go into the field with my "great white hunter" face, the game recognizes me, and flee. However with a good dose of face paint, so that I am no longer white the game may see me - but instead of fleeing, they look with curiosity. Try it.


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I have always used face paint

I have always used face paint while hunting. There is never a part of my skin that shows. I just do not want to take he chnce of seeing that monster buck and getting spotted before  he gets into to shooting range.

Good tip to let people know.

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I have not used it much while

I have not used it much while rifle hunting big game out west where we are usually spotting at longer distances. But if things will be closer like stand hunting or sitting in a blind waiting it is a must have.

Your hands are just as important to be covered as they move around more and can look like a flag to the animals.

Head to toe is the way to go, including getting your eyes covered.

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I use paint or a face mask

I use paint or a face mask

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I always keep my face covered

I always keep my face covered with a mask.

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How about a head net?

I can’t stand face paint because my face breaks out and it’s a pain to stay clean on those longer back country hunts.  I prefer to use a head net when I get in close.  You have to find the right one though because they can be a pain to shoot with.

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Black out!

I also find that with black under your eyes it stops the reflection of light and you are able to see better!

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I get headaches when I dont wear sunglasses. So the eyeblack works great. Use the exact same eyeblack that the baseball players use and just like you said it cuts off the glare and no headaches for me.

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take advantage

Good tip. It's amazing how many hunters don't take advantage of every thing in their arsenol, like face painting. I love the camo glasses that have camo lenses, they never will see the white of your eyes.

I bought a 3 tube this year

I bought a 3 tube this year of black, brown, and green. Can't wait to give it a try this year.

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I learned a long time ago

I learned a long time ago that face paint works but you don't always need it but it does help..

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Face paint

We have always used charcoal from the fire pit on our face, arms, and hands. We had no idea years ago that it also helps with scent control.

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Camo Mask

I'll place my vote for a good camo face mask.

Because I wear glasses, I have found that I have to use one that I can pull the eye opening under my nose.

As soon as my nose is inside, my glasses begin to fog up.

I keep looking for one that won't do that, but so far, I haven't found it.

I read many years ago that wild animals (probably pets, too) get conditioned to recognizing the oval shape of a human face.

That's why just about anything that breaks up this shape and outline helps when hunting.

I have often wondered if a black man has the same problem, but I don't know any black hunters to ask.

Thanks for the good tip and reminder to keep that face at least partially concealed.