Don't Wait Until the Last Minute

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For some hunters we are less than a month away till our hunt starts, mine included. This is the time to shoot your gun or bow if you have not taken it out of the case since last rifle/bow season. If you have already been shooting your gun/bow keep shooting to improve on your accuracy. This is the time of the year after I have verified that my scope is sighted in that I shoot prone, off hand, using my pack for a rest, etc. Practice shooting as if you are in the field to improve your chances of success and don’t wait till the last minute to verify your scope is still sighted in. Good luck everyone!


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Thanks for the tip - it makes sense to ME!

Thanks for the tip. There us nothing there to argue with at all.  That’s good advice.  I do not understand the guys that don’t shoot their rifle before they hunt.  But I know guys that literally don’t shoot all year until they fill their deer tag. 

They are using the same box of shells for the past 6-8 years….

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All good tips.

All good tips.

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Shoot all year long!

I try and shoot all year long just for the fact I see way to many guy’s on opening morning trying to sight in on the fly! I shoot my bow all year long!

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With my son having a awesome tag this year. I have him shooting atleast once a week. This week he will be doing alot of dry firing, which I think is really important as well, just to make sure he gets use to the trigger. Great tip

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I agree 100% I shoot both my

I agree 100% I shoot both my bow year round, I dont shoot my rifle as much but I know that thing is dead on. I too have seen several people who wait till they get to camp to sight in the gun. that kinda makes me mad and I think it irresponsable.

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Sighting In

I agree, I can't believe the number of hunters that wait until they get onto the mountain to see where their rifle or bow is shooting.  I can understand a couple of shots to make sure that the sights are still on but at times it sounds like a small war.  Or they may of just gotten a new scope and have never shot it.