Cover Your Rangefinder Optic

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If you have a rangefinder like the Nikon riflehunter 550, you will find that a Butler Creek flip cover size #1 fits the front optic pretty well. I was tired of having my front optic getting wet with snow or rain so I went to Cabela's and found the Butler Creek see through and flip up cover,  fit it snugly. If you need to use your rangefinder, just look through the BC lens, if the BC lens is wet just flip it up to expose the range finder lens and get your reading.


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  That is a pretty darn good


That is a pretty darn good tip Patch1010 - Thanks for sharing!  It is an easy one and also eliminates what the weather can throw at you.  Cabelas still has them and they are on sale right now for $8.99.  I am in the market for a good range finder so I will have to consider the Nikon Riflehunter 550 as well.  Thanks again!


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Nice Tip

On my most recent hunting trip I had a problem with my range finder not ranging.  So, maybe it was just dirty or something.  I'll have to look into the case and see if that helps keep it going. 

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Thanks for the tip. If I ever

Thanks for the tip. If I ever get one of those (wishlist) I will have to try that.

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Thanks for a greatn

Thanks for a greatn tip...never thought of using one of them....I am gonna have to see which one fits my Luepold.  Thanks!