Check Those Sunglasses

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If you wear eyeglasses, hold them away from your face and turn them around with the predominant light to your back (e.g, the sunset). Look at your glasses as an animal with the light at its back might be looking at you. If your glasses show a lot of glare, get some that don't, or consider a screen-mask, or contacts. A nice buck can be spooked by the glare of eyeglasses or the crystal of your wrist-watch, even though the rest of you looks like the "forest". (Been there done that.)


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I started wearing contacts

I started wearing contacts over 20 years ago to avoid this problem and others such as fogging in the cold and things like rain drops or snow landing on my glasses and not being able to see. I do wear sunglasses sometimes when it is very bright out and I will take a look at them like you mentioned just to make sure how they look.

As far as lasik goes my wife had it done and thinks it's great and wants me to do it also but since hers cost 4,000 I haven't even gone for the checkup to find out how much it would be for mine. Maybe sometime but it won't be anytime soon.

Thanks again for the tip.

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I’m not quite sure what I can do

This sounds like good advice.


I’m not quite sure what I can do about it since I always hunt with glasses on and don’t have contacts but I do try to avoid the more shiny frames and such in general.  I’ll have to give it a little thought. 


 Thanks for bringing it to my attention,


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I got lasik done 4 yrs ago,

I got lasik done 4 yrs ago, the best money i have every spent

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I have wore glasses but I

I have wore glasses but I have found it easier to just wear contacs.

Another good hunting tip. I

Another good hunting tip. I would also recommend doing that with your gun barrel if you use stainless.

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Once I started wearing

Once I started wearing glasses I learned to use a face net while in the stand