Bear Proofing Your Food Stash

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I learned this the hard way last year. If you're hunting in an area with lots of bear activity, it's a great idea to stash your food and water up in a tree. I like to wrap everything in a tarp and tie it between two trees. Don't just tie it up in one tree but tie it in between two trees at least 15 feet in the air. I thought I had my backpacking camp's food supply stashed pretty well last year. I returned to camp during the first weekend of archery to find all my food destroyed. Make sure you get it far enough out that a bear can't reach it because if you don't you'll end up like me last season.

I didn't tie the bag full of food far enough between the two trees and a bear was able to climb up and eat everything including my water bottles.


That is nice. Thanks for your

That is nice. Thanks for your explanation

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Thanks for the tip.


Between two trees is a good idea.  Thanks for the tip.

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great tip, we had a bear in

great tip, we had a bear in our camp 2 yrs ago.

Good tip

Good tip

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great tip!

I use a water bottle with a rope tide to it and trough it up over a branch.

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good tip but you didn't tell

good tip but you didn't tell them how to get it tied up between the two trees

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Very good tip. A hungry

Very good tip. A hungry hunter is not a good hunter.