Attracting Bucks During the Rut

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I have a system I use in Whitetail hunting during the rut that seems to work for me. When I make a mock scrape in the area I wish to hunt I will place a couple of 35mm film canisters (film removed of course) in the scrape after I have cleared out all leaves and other debris. The film canisters are filled with cotton balls and saturated with doe in heat urine. This keeps the urine from soaking in the ground and can be refreshed on each trip if needed.

I will also use the tarsal gland of the buck I have taken the previous year. Shortly after I remove the gland I will freeze it in a zip lock baggie until I need it the next fall. Take the frozen tarsal gland from the baggie and hang it above the mock scrape. After the hunt you can re-freeze the gland and reuse several times. One gland can last an entire season if the weather is cool.

The combination of the doe pee in the canisters and the tarsal gland above the scrape has been most effective during the rut. This is an economical way to attract the dominate buck in your area. He will think a strange buck is trying to breed a hot doe in his territory. Good Luck and Good Hunting!


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Thats a good tip. I also use

Thats a good tip. I also use those and I have the heated scent dispensers. When I'm within range of my stand on the way in before daybreak I get out my scent drag and dragging it behind me, I walk past my stand within 50-60 yards. Continuing another 80 or so yards before I take it up and walk back to my stand to sit for the morning. When I'm at the 50-60 yard mark or so I place a couple film canisters. Your tip is a good one to follow. Thx.

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Great idea

That's a great idea.  I have a couple of questions..... where do you get the doe in heat urine?  And, do the bucks move the canisters around?  Do they kick them or stomp on them or move them around with their noses?  I just wondered if you have ever had a buck pick one up with its mouth and carry it away??  It seems like this is a good way of preserving that doe urine.  Good tip!

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That's a good tip and I will

That's a good tip and I will have to give it some thought as I'm learning all I can right now for my Texas whitetail hunt next fall. I went the first week of December last year but the rut was over according to my guide. I will be going four weeks earlier this year and am hoping I can use some of these rut tips to bring some bigger bucks in.

Thanks for the advice.

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Thanks for the tip!

When I first read about your film cannisters I was thinking that you were trying to COLLECT deer pee!

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Yes, great tip!!!!!

Yes, great tip!!!!!

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film canisters

Wow I havent see one of those around for a while!

Great hunting tip, would

Great hunting tip, would never have thought of that. Thanks for sharing

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One more thing into the bag

One more thing into the bag of tricks.