Arizona Zipper Birds

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If you get the chance to hunt coues deer in Arizona don't pass up the chance to hunt our quail. We natives of this hot as heck place call them zipper birds. Mother nature's perfect food. Once you have removed the head, lay the bird on its back, tail facing behind you, wings spread. place the balls of your feet against the breast and stand on the wings. Now grab the legs pull gently and behold you end up with a clean breast with wings attached. No blood no mess. Sorry to say this won't work with dove, but you can clean a limit of 15 quail in minutes. P.S. Do this while they're still warm and you'll call'em zipper birds too.


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I have heard this method

I have heard this method works well but have never had the chance to try it yet. I hunted jvelina down there twice but the quail season was over just before I arrived, If I ever get to go down there again I will be sure to plan better and overlap my seasons do I can enjoy the quail hunting and hopefully give this a try.

Thanks for the instruction on how to get it done.

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Very good, never heard of

Very good, never heard of doing it that way.

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The wing trick

We do that with ruffies up here!

Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info

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Dont forget the January deer

Dont forget the January deer hunt or the February javelina hunts as well.  I always pack a shotgun just in case I find a few of these morsels.