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Steve's First Mule Deer
Jerry Beach

It was the first year that Steve had ventured out to central Wyoming to hunt mule deer. He had gone at the invitation of Dale, a fellow worker from General Motors in Flint, Michigan. They headed out from their Great Lakes State home in time to arrive two days before the October 15 opener of the deer season. This gave them the rest of that day to get their trailer camp set up and the next day to do some scouting.

Doin' the Mambo

I read somewhere that if you’re not well adjusted socially; you may have missed out on an important piece of your childhood developmental process.  Well, I'm here to tell you that though I may not be a social giant, I didn’t skip any of it.  As Frank Heger was leading me on hands and knees over some of the most rocky geography you’ve ever seen and through hideous thorn bushes loaded with every imaginable prickly object or creepy insect, I was catching up on my childhood crawling whether I needed it or not.

Do-It-Yourself Wyoming Pronghorn

I thought I would share a quick story for the guys considering coming out west for an antelope hunt and how easy it can be. With a little research you can get tags every year and lots of them. My dad, my son and I all drew three tags each in the initial draw but due to mistake on my part we got doe tags in one unit and any antelope in another. Fortunately we can drive to our hunting area in about 5 hours. When the leftover purchase became available we bought another 3 each for a total of 4 doe tags and 2 any antelope each.

True Turkey Hunters
Shannon Wood

We all look forward to spring time turkey seaon. Now that it is in we will take time off from work or doing house chores and take ourselves out into the woods and enjoy what Mother nature has offerd us so dearly. Staying in touch with the great outdoors is what keeps me going on a daily bases. Without the outdoors I think I would be in trouble all the time with family and friends. Knowing that the fact of being outdoors is just number one on list of to do things.

Late Start Memory

Sportsmen hunt all different kinds of game and I'm no exception. Turkey hunting is another sport which I ended up falling in love with but didn't start turkey hunting until later on in life.

Barry's Lucky Day
Jerry Beach

All hunters know that no matter how much they know about the game they are pursuing, how well they know their rifle or bow and how it shoots, how long they practice or how prepared they are for the hunt – there is always one factor that they cannot control – that is the mysterious element called luck. This story is one in which luck played a big part – more than once.

Washington Mule Deer Hunt
Jason V.

Slowly lowering myself out of sight behind the large snow covered boulder we’d been using as cover for the previous four hours since sneaking our way into position well before daylight. Poking my head around the corner just enough to come into view of my hunting partner and best friend Eric Foyle. He was using the north facing side of the rock to conceal him as he looked over a group of seven deer moving southwest of us into a location a lot of deer in the area used for bedding during daytime.

Where It All Started

How did this whole "hunting" thing ever get started in a young boy growing up in Kendrick, Idaho?  Our family moved from Seattle, WA to this little Northern Idaho community when I was only 8 years old. My dad, a minister, was not a hunter and did not own a gun.  I had never shot a gun; had never even held one, but I somehow knew I needed one. It wasn't long before I badgered my Dad into buying me my first rifle, a Daisy BB gun.

Adirondack Buck

After our Maine hunt  we returned home in time to hunt the opening of the New York deer season. We still had a couple days to prepare so we loaded the camper and the next day headed over to our favorite spot to set up which was nestled along a dirt road 14 miles off the main road. After the setting up process was taken care of we did something that we always like to do and that is taking a walk up a couple of the many trails that run through these mountains in search of wild mushrooms.

Dedication and Memories

This is dedicated to my father, William F.Jones. Who through his wisdom and love of the outdoors instilled in me the same as a child growing up that I'm sure his father also did the same. His lessons and guidance will always be followed and I'll do my best to uphold his wishes. He taught me to respect nature and to always protect her. For this Dad! I Thank You.