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Every hunter likes to share stories about their experiences afield and many hunters like to hear these stories. The Photos & Stories section of (BGH) allows hunters to share their hunting adventures in the form of stories and photos. Please feel free to browse, read, and contribute to this section of BGH.
New Mexico Bull Elk Bowhunt
Ryan Cordova
It was back in 2002 when I first started to chase the HUGE bull elk with my bow! Knowing I had a tag in my name got my blood pumping! Because I was all ways behind my dad as the bulls were screaming, fighting, and all the good stuff but I never had a tag for the bow I have killed some good bulls with the rifle but hunting with the bow is just a way bigger rush I could tell by hear my dad and his friends talk about it and me been there with my dad!
God Smiled On Me Today
Larry Porter
It was a hot November day in west Tennessee, not a day that you would think much about deer hunting. The mosquitos were out and it was about 80 degrees on a bright sunny day. But I had two hours before my 13 year old daughter's basketball game and I was itching to go deer hunting. Most people hunt for food here and with all the hunting pressure a deer rarely lives past his second birthday. Finding a Boone & Crockett trophy deer in Weakley county is like finding a needle in a haystack.
Washington State Blacktail Buck
Harry Prothero
"You can hunt a long time in the wrong place!" "Some of the best spots are overlooked!" You may have heard these sayings. However, have you heard? "You see more Bucks when you're not hunting!" You only need to talk to a few old timers to hear all the anecdotal evidence that; deer know when the season starts and in fact they know what weapon you have in your hand.
Anthony's First Deer - A Monster Buck!
Travis Engler
Anthony Engler a disabled hunter from Newport, Ar bags his first deer - a monster buck!
357 Magnum African Safari
Andy Law
I slipped on a warm jacket, just as the sky was diluting to a dull metal grey. The sun would soon rise into the sky; dawn does not last for long in South Africa. However, in the upper regions of Kwa-Zulu Natal in the East of the country the temperature would remain cool for a little while yet...
California Junior Deer Hunt
Al Nord
Dillon Nord and his first deer. He took this doe in Cisco Grove, California on October 16, 2005. He had a J16 junior hunt either sex tag.
Rainy Day Buck
Wayne E. Helland Jr.
It started out during late July of 2004 with a buck sighting by my dad (Wayne Sr.) Dad was visiting with us one evening and left shortly before dark. After a few minutes he was back telling me of an extremely large buck he had seen. His exact words were, "This buck was huge! He was in the middle of the field and I could see his rack with my naked eye and it looked like he had a lot of points."
Tommy's Moose Hunt
Tom Reimer
Tommy drew a permit for a "youth only" hunt in Delta Junction Alaska. We hunted for 3 days, hiking approximately 5 miles per day prior to spotting this spike.
Texas Buck of a Lifetime
David F. Garcia
From opening day until November 28, 2004, I let several young bucks and small hogs walk into and out of my sights. I had my single buck tag ready hoping that one of the big bucks would make that fatal mistake. On Nov.28, 2004 in Goliad County Goliad, TX a wide racked buck did just that.
Bacon for Life
submitted by Donnie Tyndall
Wild hogs in Florida usually run from 100-400 pounds with a 400 pounder being a monster. Because this one had been feasting on grain for several years it had grown to mammoth size. When Larry took it to the processor it weighed in at over 1100 pounds! The meat has no wild taste, as it was grain feed and Larry is quite the hero. He has fed many fireman and provided the homeless shelter in downtown Orlando with a couple of meals.