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Every hunter likes to share stories about their experiences afield and many hunters like to hear these stories. The Photos & Stories section of (BGH) allows hunters to share their hunting adventures in the form of stories and photos. Please feel free to browse, read, and contribute to this section of BGH.
Rusty's Texas 10 Point
Rusty Harvey
It was late in the evening, near dark, and I saw tall horns at 60 yards. I could not see points, just a tall tine when he turned his head to walk back up the hill and then he was gone.
Missouri Truly is Turkey Heaven
Larry Porter
As I was traveling for my first Missouri turkey hunt I couldn't help but think of all the stories that I've heard from all my buddies about turkey hunting in Missouri.
A 6x6 Bull Elk That Did Not Get Away!
Wayne Vorpahl
I shot my 9th Bull (2006 5X5) last season. As I was thinking of my past hunts, it brought me back to 1984.

The story I am about to tell, really happened!

Salt Lake City Bucks
Dave Peterson
I have been going out west of Salt Lake City, Utah to look for these bucks and other deer lots of times but sometimes they're not easy to find. But on this night I found them in a draw and I couldn't get any good pictures of them. But I knew if I waited they would move somewhere as luck would have it they headed up the hill about 300 yards away me with the city in the background probably ten or more miles away in the background it was cool because the angle of the hill matched up with elevation of the city.
Silver Phase Tom
Jeff McDaniel
The 2006 Illinois Spring Turkey season arrived with the long awaited opening day hunt. As most Turkey Hunters anticipate all winter long, the arrival of spring and the gobbling Toms in their favorite hunting hide-a-ways, I too, had been itching to hit the woods and lure a Tom close enough to harvest. Never could I have dreamed the events from the 2005 Spring Season would carry over for one of my most memorable hunts.
Trophy Brown Bear for the Determined Hunter
Hugo Hoerdeman
On this first morning of our hunt, Jim and I climbed a bluff called Moose Hill. We saw a large dark bear in the berry flat across the river. We took the jet boat across the river to get a closer look at the bear. We made an unsuccessful stalk on the bear through the thick willows and alders. When we arrived back at the cabin we learned that Elia and Billy shot a bear late that evening. The bear was killed at the mouth of Bear Skin creek.
Saskatchewan Bear Hunt - The Last Hunt
John Snyder
The following story is based on a hunt in June 2006 at Dore Lake Saskatchewan Canada. The bear has since been officially scored by a Boone & Crockett official and scored at 20 inches.
Maryland Trophy Archery Deer
Johnny Gerard Jr.
I heard a crack and looked and there stood a buck about 20 yards in front of me. I stood slowly and went to draw when my arrow slipped off the rest. The buck looked right at me and I froze.
Tyler's Tennessee Buck
Larry Porter
My son, Tyler shot this nice buck while we were hunting together, 140 class. Our county rarely has bucks like this so its really unbelievable that we both got two of the nicest deer taken in our county. We were so excited, I've scouted for the last 10 years trying to put him on a big one. He's killed over 40 deer but nothing like this one.
Mississippi Monster Buck
Anthony Baham
My dad Eric Baham a life long resident of Madisonville, LA killed this great whitetail buck on December, 27 2005 in Claiborne County Mississippi. It has 24 scoreable points with a number of other points and a 19.5 inch inside spread!! The deer's live weight was around 240. The deer was killed while still hunting and was taken with a Browning lever action 243 cal!!