Hunting Photos and Stories

Every hunter likes to share stories about their experiences afield and many hunters like to hear these stories. The Photos & Stories section of (BGH) allows hunters to share their hunting adventures in the form of stories and photos. Please feel free to browse, read, and contribute to this section of BGH.
2002 Minnesota Record Black Bear
Dan Fischer
As I climbed into my stand around one o'clock, I said a silent prayer and was thankful just to be in the woods. The wind was perfect, and I could smell the lush green fragrance of the Minnesota forest in early September. The next few hours passed with no interruptions. Scanning the woods I tried to remember the exact spot that I had seen the huge bear in the year before.
Nice Buck - Long Drag!
Paul Beard Jr.
7:35 am opening morning I was setting in my tree stand enjoying Mother Nature as she was waking up. All of a sudden I heard what I thought was a grey squirrel that I had seen rooting around a few minutes before. I slowly turned my head to the left to see this nice 8 pointer headed towards me. I had seen 6 young bucks while scouting earlier in summer but never saw this buck.
My Bear - Who Would Have Ever Thought!
Beth Dore
It’s been two years since my first bear hunting experience in New Brunswick. My husband and I committed to my second bear hunt in beautiful British Columbia (and this trip proved to be successful - in more ways than one).
The Swamp Buck
Wayne E. Helland Jr.
During early August of 1993 I observed a large eight point buck that I was determined to harvest. I watched the deer and took notice of his travel patterns. By the time October 1st arrived (opening day of bow season) his bedding area, primary food sources, and travel routes had been located.
Wyoming 6x6 Muley
Mark Dexter
I took this 6 by 6 mule deer in Sheridan County, Wyoming in October 2000 with the help of my Uncle.
Arenac County Buck
H. E. Hollow
We don't see many photos of whitetail from Arenac County, Michigan. This buck was taken on the morning of 11/18/2003 during the rifle season. A nice eight point that will end up shoulder mounted and displayed at the camp.
Red Hartebeest Hunt
Graeme Geldart
Graham Williams from Australia hunted with Mkhamba Safaris in South Africa in March 2002, he was fortunate to bag himself a fine Red Hartebeest using his beloved Sako 30-06. He also took a really old Mountain Reedbuck Pictured here is Graham with his Red Hartebeest.
Ohio Shotgun Buck
H. Schlabach
Mark Hamsher shot took this first buck, an eight pointer, during Ohio's 2002 shotgun season.
End To A Nine Year Drought
Lyle McCaw
Here is a nice way to end a nine year drought. Near Chemult Oregon in 2001, I got the big 4x4 I am holding and my mom tagged the 3x4 my son is holding. Both racks were 24 wide and 22 tall. The 4x4 scored 168 2/8 B & C with less than an inch deduction. The two bucks were running together when we shot them.
Ohio Muzzleloader Buck
H. Schlabach
Coery Meike shot this 11 point buck during the 2001 muzzleloader season.