Hunting Photos and Stories

Every hunter likes to share stories about their experiences afield and many hunters like to hear these stories. The Photos & Stories section of (BGH) allows hunters to share their hunting adventures in the form of stories and photos. Please feel free to browse, read, and contribute to this section of BGH.
My Mathews and Muzzy Moment
Judy Black
We went on a black bear hunt in Saskatchewan this spring (2007) and on the last day of my hunt I took this monster. Approximately 400 pounds, about 7 feet and the most beautiful chocolate color. Truly a trophy of a lifetime!
GRIZ - Memoir of a Northern Hunt
Don Osterman
First of all let me say I never really thought about hunting a bear, black or grizzly. Then, 3 friends of mine, and I went to Alaska on a fishing trip. We seen bear everyday and really got the fever. I came home and started to write and call different guides in Alaska. Of course they all sounded great but after talking to George Siavelis of Aniak, Alaska I was sold and liked him right off. Booked my hunt 2 1/2 years in advance.
Morapos Creek Archery Hunt
Larry Osborn
John, Tom and Steve came to hunt archery elk in Morapos Creek in 1998. We packed them in as usual and gave them the same story of where to set up and potentially good places to watch for elk, and left them to hunt on their own. While showing the country at 2 pm, the elk were coming over the ridge to the places we had just shown. Seeing them, we moved quickly on up the trail, not wanting the elk to spot us and be leery of coming out the next day (opening day).
Lucky 13
Bob Mancuso
When it comes to drawing quality trophy hunts, my wife is definitely the breadwinner in our family. I have been submitting draw hunt applications for 20 years now, with no success, but whatever Sherry puts in for, she gets! We sent in her application for California Big Horn Sheep on her birthday, the 13th, and she actually drew! Last year 190 applicants put in for 6 tags!
First of the Year
Brian Ehinger
This fine 2 point was taken on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. When I first saw him he was about 100 yards down the road from me and had his nose to the ground. Then he came down the road toward me and I waited until he got about 50 feet from me before putting him on the ground.
The One That Didn't Get Away
Jason Matheson
Granted this is not hunting, but it is something that is very important for the future of the oudoors. This was taken this past fathers day in Maine. This memory will never go away. Please, take you kids fishing and them introduce them into hunting. Get them in the outdoors and away from the Play Stations and Nintendos.
Six Man Hunt
Larry Osborn
We packed these fellows in for a first season rifle hunt in 1997. There were six---Dale, Mike, Gene, Steve, Ron and Gary. The ride was bit rough on some because they were like me, a little stiff in the joints, but game for anything when it comes to hunting. Their camp was ready for a 5 day hunt.
Colorado Mule Deer Photos
David Hutton
Brittany Hutton with her mule deer buck taken in 1999, in northwest Colorado. Brittany is a resident of Craig, Colorado.
New York Buck
Kyren Gardner
It was the night of November 30th as I tossed and turned to the thoughts of hunting season diminishing to the required studying dedication of finals week. With an unfilled New York buck tag, I promptly decided around 2:30 a.m. to skip Friday's classes with one last attempt to bag my buck.
My 10 Point Buck
Bob Pereira
I shot this 10 point buck out of my treestand on the Tuesday of the controlled hunt in Flamborough in 2006.