Hunting Photos and Stories

Every hunter likes to share stories about their experiences afield and many hunters like to hear these stories. The Photos & Stories section of (BGH) allows hunters to share their hunting adventures in the form of stories and photos. Please feel free to browse, read, and contribute to this section of BGH.
Yukon Dall Sheep and Moose Hunt
Greg Verdugt
During the first two weeks of September 2004, I was able to take a trip with Dickson outfitters in Canada's Yukon province for a combination sheep/moose hunt. We flew three hours north out of Whitehorse to a base camp on a lake, then ventured north for another day by horse to arrive at the sheep camp.
Death March: Whitecloud Mountains - Central Idaho
Jeff R. Filler
My hiking buddy Erik and I launched from Fourth of July Lake trailhead for a week at high altitude in the Whiteclouds. We followed the trail past Fourth of July Lake and Patterson Peak, which together are classically beautiful and the subject of numerous photographs, then over the pass to Washington Lake. At Washington we took a hard left and headed over the west ridge of Castle Peak as a shortcut into the upper Chamberlain Basin.
The Old Wise Buck
Buck Killer James
I was just cruising along still stuck in my summer stride and stopped underneath my climbing sticks set in an old hickory nut tree loaded with a mast crop of nuts. I set this stand and trimmed my lanes in early August. As soon as I stopped I heard some leaves rustle to my left and thought instantly squirrel. WRONG!!
Goshen Indiana Monster Buck
Justin Rowland
This monster was taken October 14th 2007 by Justin Rowland. This was my first hunt in about 15 years. I passed up 6 does in the morning and moved my stand at about 1pm to get a better angle and distance to the trail they were mainly using. At 3:30 pm I had a nice little 5 point come in to 10 yards with a perfect broadside shot but I elected to let him walk. I had made up my mind that morning I was not going to take a buck smaller then a 6 point.
Long Island Buck
Don Law
This is my son Don Jr.'s Buck that was arrowed from a small area on the east end of Long Island New York where big bucks hide and some get caught. You all heard or read about small area bucks, well this is one of them. This is a nice 8 pointer that wandered out of the thicket where Don (my son) was waiting. We have been watching bucks like this in the small area for years now and learned from their pattern how to ambush them.
South Africa Warthog Hunt
Marinda Stuiver, photos by Cindy Miller
My friend Ann Horsman from Michigan visits Southern Africa once a year to hunt. After three years of doing this, she has great experience and is destined to hunt a Buffalo in Zimbabwe this year – something most of us are only dreaming of. Ann arrived on 5 August at Johannesburg International where I picked her up. We were planning for our first hunt together and were looking forward to it very much. I only started archery a couple of months ago so once again the “rookie” was out to try and gain more experience….
The Blow Down Buck
Art Elmendorf
Have you ever tried to quietly get thru or over a patch of blow- downs? In 1995, there was a storm in northern New York that took down hundreds of acres of trees in both Hamilton and Warren Counties. The big storm turned some parts of the Adirondacks into a disaster area. It curtailed Hunting, Hiking and the use of the big woods in general in many areas.
Colorado Bighorn Sheep Hunt
Joe Nelson
Successful September 2003 bighorn sheep hunt by Salida, Colorado.
Big Michigan Black Bear
Tom McCarthy
I shot this black bear September 27 2004 near Newberry, Michigan. It dressed out at 546 pounds and the DNR believes its live weight was well over 600 pounds. Our hunt was assisted by bear hounds.
New Mexico Elk Hunt
John Olivas
We hunted elk in New Mexico and ended up taking this bull at approximately 7:00am on September 18th, 2001. We had hunted two full days and had the pleasure of hearing a couple dozen bull. There was lots of action, but getting close seemed to be the biggest challenge.