Hunting Photos and Stories

Every hunter likes to share stories about their experiences afield and many hunters like to hear these stories. The Photos & Stories section of (BGH) allows hunters to share their hunting adventures in the form of stories and photos. Please feel free to browse, read, and contribute to this section of BGH.
Dave's Washington Moose
Dean Justice
This is my buddy Dave's (we call him Tarzan) moose which he tagged in Eastern Washington in November of 2003. This isn't the prettiest picture, but it just came home today.
Heartbreak Ridge
After four weeks of scouting the 2003 season looked to be a poor one. Mike and I set up the camper on the first weekend of September and began scouting for buck sign. We would again hunt the Cedar River Flow in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York, many square miles of wilderness that over the years has yielded some big whitetails for us.
Colorado 5x5 Bull
Thomas Jensen
This elk was the culmination of seven years of hunting. My partner spotted this elk the second night of our hunt. The next morning the bull made the fatal mistake of taking the same path.
Tucker's Connecticut Buck
Dan Beyer
I thought I would submit a couple of pictures of my buddy's tremendous Connecticut whitetail. The buck was taken by Lewis "Joe" Tucker and weighed in at 310 pounds with an excellent typical 12 point rack.
Northern Maine Moose Hunt
Bruce Thibodeau
I shot my moose in the Allagash region of northern Maine during the first open week in September. My father called the bull in using his bull magnet moose call from Alaska. I took the bull with one shot from my 30-06 Browning Bar 11 rifle using 180 grain bearclaw bullets. We had a really fantastic time moose hunting and can hardly wait to be able to moose hunt again.
Georgia 12 Point Deer
Raymond Bozeman Jr.
This 12 Point deer was shot in Monroe County, Georgia with a 30-30 lever action rifle with iron sights at 130 yards, that belongs to my wife's grandfather on opening day of rifle season 10-20-07. What Luck!! This buck weighed in at 215 lbs.
7-Year Old Scores 9-Pointer
Shannon Davis
It was October 20, 2007, opening day. My son, Bailey Davis from Cartersville Georgia was in the treestand with his Paw Paw in Greensboro Georgia. It was a nice morning, a little chilly, but he was just fine. A few hours went by, Paw Paw asked Bailey "Are you ready to go or do you want to stay a bit longer?" Well of course he said "Let's stay!" That they did.
Colorado Bear Hunt
Juanice Gray
We'd just about given up hope of seeing any game when, suddenly, a big, black, fierce looking bear came out of the woods. It looked like it was the size of a small elephant to me with shiny black fur and all I could imagine was foot long teeth and claws to match, much like the tiger on Ice Age. Of course, it was an average bear, but never having come into such close contact with one in such a remote place, it really looked menacing. It started to creep across valley through the aspens, weaving in and out and behind brush and among the aspens and spruce trees.
Washington Blacktail Buck
Donnie Stenson
I was hunting 20 minutes outside Enumclaw Washington. When the morning hunt was coming to an end, I was getting up to leave, I spotted this nice 4 x 4 blacktail had just popped his head out of the tree line. From 175 yards away I shot, perfect shot. It was one of the most exciting days of my life!
Ohio Self-Bow Doe
Steve Boch
This nice doe was taken October 22nd, 2004 near Bremen, Ohio with a homemade self-bow that was constructed from a pignut hickory that I cut down, split, quartered and dried.