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Rookie and Tactical Patience Part 2: My TV Buck or is he?
James R. Jones

My Army buddy Paul and I had been on the prowl trying to find Mr TV Buck after my encounter with him a couple years back. Today was December 22, 2009, we had about a month before our Afghanistan deployment so we knew we didnt have many more chances left this season to tag and bag him.

Ronnie and the "Gambler"
Jim Boyd

The woods seemed very new… altogether vibrant to me – and very cold!

I had been away from hunting, at least for the most part, for several years now. This hunt had the feel of a kid who has missed Christmas, somehow slept through it perhaps, and is given a chance to get it back…

Could it be so?
Ed T.

Reading another story here had given me the urge to share my own simple tale as well. I was lucky enough to have had a very nice area of about 150 acres here in north central Tennessee to hunt as often and as much as I wanted, undisturbed by other hunters, except those I brought with me. This area held a good number of deer and deer sightings were numerous, but not a lot of big bucks were normally seen.

Why is She Running?
Jim Boyd

The year was 1988 and I was fairly early in my deer hunting career.

I had hunted only highly pressured public land up to this point - both with bow and rifle - and finally had been granted permission to hunt a private farm in Bulloch County Georgia and I felt like I had hit a gold mine!

First of all, it was private and I did not have to worry about getting walked in on!

Secondly, there was buck sign everywhere - the first time I scouted it, I found scrape after scrape on ther field edge!

A Battle Worthy of National Geographic

The year 2010 was an interesting but productive one for my big game hunting. It was only the second time (and just so happened to be the second consecutive year) that I completed the mule deer, elk and pronghorn trifecta. My family’s pronghorn hunting group, along with some new additions, made the trip up to the antelope rich prairie lands of Wyoming this past October. And as luck would have it, we would limit out. This is the story of my quick, but exciting 2010 pronghorn hunt.

Hunting With a Cetme
Mike Skelly

The Cetme is a Keeper

Opening morning of 2006 deer season I watched a trail on top of the hill near the large pines. When I was cold and stiff and could sit no more I headed south and east through the scrub brush of what had once been a cow pasture to an area where I had seen deer sign for years but rarely encountered and never harvested deer.

Two Turkeys With One Shell, and an Arrow...Sort of...
Mike Skelly

Hardcore turkey hunters will probably not appreciate my method of turkey hunting or the fact that I took young birds.  But with only one bird to my credit life to date at the time of the hunt, I was thrilled to take any turkeys that I could legally harvest, so here is the story of how I took two birds with one shell…well and an arrow, but that hardly counts.

My First Turkey and Gramps Old Gun
Mike Skelly

I took my first turkey in spring of 2006.  It was special not only because it was my first turkey, but also because it was the first game I took with my granddad’s shotgun (a side by side Springfield Arms 12 gauge).  The old shotgun belongs to my nephew Hans, who inherited it from my granddad.  I have offered to buy it, but at present I am holding it for him while he serves in the US Army.  If I don’t end up keeping the gun, at least I have had the privilege of hunting with it.

Learning to Hunt Bear
Mike Skelly

Anticipation alone was nearly worth the price of the hunt. It was my first guided hunt, my first try at game larger than white tail deer, and the first time I had traveled more than a few hours from home in the hope of bringing home a trophy. I was a relatively new hunter, having taken to the woods for the first time only ten years before. The past five years had been a pleasant experience of filling four out of five possible tags, so I felt I was ready to step up to bear hunting.

Namibian Oryx Hunt
Mike Skelly

The Oryx Gazelle (aka Gemsbok) looks more like the medieval unicorn than any animal I have yet encountered.  These “desert warriors” are incredibly hardy.  They are born with horns!  And have a disposition to match. At one point during my African hunt, after John and I had each collected an Oryx, we were riding in our PH Ziggy’s truck when we approached a herd of Oryx. As the truck came to within a few hundred yards the herd ran directly away from us parallel to the dirt road.  They were so fast that we had trouble keeping up with them in the truck!