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Confessions of a Nest Hunter
Jerry Beach

  I hadn’t even heard the term until I was reading a book about Mule Deer hunting.

  The author was describing the different methods that hunters use to harvest Mule Deer, and he termed the first one, “Nest Hunting”.

Rainy Opener
Jerry Beach

“Whether the weather is cold, or whether the weather is hot; we’ll weather the weather whatever the weather, or whether there’s weather or not!”

I don’t know who first penned that phrase, but for those who love the outdoors, it’s often the frame of mind we must have to prevent being stymied every time the weather isn’t exactly as we would like it to be.

Another saying that we hear often in Michigan is, “If you don’t like the weather, just stick around a few minutes – it will change.” I suspect that one is heard in many other places, too.

My Vermont Moose Hunt
Mike Skelly

Moose 2009

Prelude and planning:

Ten years ago I went to Alaska to hunt moose.  I saw cows and young moose every day, but my tag only allowed me to take a mature bull.  I came home grateful for the chance to have seen the magnificent wilderness of interior Alaska, but I came home without a moose. 

Big Game Hunter in Training
Mike Skelly

Last year was my son’s first year of hunting.  You have to be 12 to hold any hunting license at all in NY and at least 14 to hunt big game.  The biggest game that a 12 or 13 year old can harvest in NY are turkeys and Canadian geese, so that is what we chased.  It was the best preparation for big game hunting that I could come up with to reinforce safe gun handling, stalking, and the hard, hard lesson of patiently waiting in a blind. 

Maine Memories
Ed T.

As with the night before any opener we were all pumped up and anxious for tomorrow to come. We'd all made the long drive to Maine for our much anticipated deer hunt together. I drove up by myself from Maryland where I was stationed at the time and my Dad and his Buddy Skippy had driven up together after meeting in Connecticut. I'd gotten a day of scouting in, but they would be hunting without having done any, just arriving that evening as they had.

A Whole New Experience
Jerry Beach

What a difference!

The arrow seemed to literally streak off the riser toward the buck as it stood munching an apple.

Even before it sank between the ribs of the animal, I could tell that a whole new world of bowhunting had been opened to me.

I had just shot my very first deer with a compound bow.

Prior to this I had been using a Bear recurve that I had bought many years before. It had a draw weight of 45 pounds.

I had been shooting a bow since I was a kid and was a pretty good shot, shooting instinctively, using no sights.

Things Are Not Always What You Think
Mike Skelly

Saturday morning was the long awaited opening day of firearms season for whitetail deer in my neck of the woods.  I had posted my land last fall after my neighbor’s guest shot a buck I was following.  Not only did I not know the guest but neither he nor the neighbor had permission to be there.  The last straw was when the guy told me what a great place it was for good bucks because my neighbor had filled both their tags “right in here” last year. To the neighbor’s credit he came and apologize for trespassing a few months after the fact and promised not to hunt there again.

A New Method of Deer Hunting
Jerry Beach

There are many methods of deer hunting that are considered normal, or standard: standing, still-hunting, stalking and driving.

But did you ever hear of the method called, “texting”?

Yes, it’s one of the newer methods that was bound to make the hunting scene, given all the advances in technology these days.

I have a friend who is convinced that if it were not for texting, he probably would not have harvested a deer this season.

Here is his story:

Learning Patience
Mike Skelly

This story is for anyone who closed the season empty handed. You are not alone, but it is said that good things come to those who wait.

A Successful Stalk and a Unicorn Buck
Mike Skelly

My boy's first stalk:

Late in 2005, there was +/- six inches of fresh powdery snow muffling my footprints as I hunted. I was hunting my way home and stalked up to 3 does bedded not far from my home. I didn’t have a doe tag. He was just eight years old. I went home and asked if he wanted to see some deer and bundled in our boots, mittens, jackets and snow suit; I brought him within sight of those does. The first he had seen in the woods. We watched them for long minutes and he took several pictures with a cheap disposable camera I carried in my day pack at that time.