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Another Great Hog Hunt
Ed T.

Well, we made our fifth annual hog hunting trip and third to the same place in the Wrightsville, Georgia area. As with our previous two trips to this camp, we had an absolutely great time. My friend Don traveled down from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area to meet up with my Buddy Al and I for the trip down to Georgia.

The Bull of My Lifetime
Quinton Hill

This hunt actually started when I was around 8 years old (1978). I remember coming down this old two track (jeep) trail in my father's old 1968 Ford Bronco. I remember the sun just coming up and looking down into this canyon below the road. I noticed a huge group of elk and told dad there's the elk. He said, "How many?" I replied, "The whole bottom's moving!" He killed the Bronco and jumped out leaning across the hood and using it as a rest as the elk started single filing up the other side.

Successful New York Hunt

I started hunting when I was about 11 (over 30 years ago).  I used to go out with my father on opening day of rifle season.  It is something I will never forget.  I learned so much from him about hunting and the nature of deer. It seemed like we would walk for hours, we would then sit on a log and have a snack while my dad explained why he chose this location to sit. Hunting with him were some of my best memories from my childhood.

Daughter's First Elk
Dalon Burford

Every year I wait in desperation for California big game results in late June. My wife, three children and I all put in for deer, antelope and elk. Fifteen chances we were bound to get something! My dad called me with results available, when I happened to be out of town with my other two hunting partners; one at a time my dad read the three of us our unsuccessful drawing results. Crushed again, with my family left to be read, I still have twelve more chances! Once again unsuccessful results were read, until he read the last draw.

The Surprise Buck
Craig Chamblee

The morning of November 19, 1990 dawned clear and cold. My brother had showed up at Mother's for a hunt. He was looking for some doe meat for the freezer and I was sick with a cold from the day before. We had spent the day looking for a nice 10 point I had shot. We brought in dogs and everything, and still no deer.

John deWeber

“Sea-ah’bra," whispered Martin in broken English as he pointed to his nose and sniffed the air.  “Sea-ah’bra."  We were riding in an old 70’s vintage Land Rover, bumping up a mountain road in search of Hartmann’s Mountain zebra, deep in the heart of Namibia, Africa.  Martin, a Namibian native, is the number one tracker for Frank Heger of Otjiruse Hunting.  This was day number nine of my ten day hunting safari and the clock was ticking.   Martin said he “smelled” zebra.  Who was I to argue?

Perseverance - The Craig Chamblee Story
Jim Boyd

The dictionary defines perseverance as: a steady persistence in a course of action, particularly in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement.

I will challenge you to find a better example of this than Craig Chamblee.

First, we will go backwards in time, to the early 1970's...

First Archery Buck

I got my first archery buck this year, on my birthday!  It started with a boring conference, being a school principal I routinely have to attend meetings, conferences, seminars etc....I was able to get out after the morning session and headed straight up the mountain.  I am lucky enough to have a few private land permissions and was able to get out on one small parcel.  I parked my car and headed up to my spot.

One Hair Raising Incident
Quinton Hill

This actually started two years before the hair raising incident during the 2003 archery season. A friend of the family, Mr. Wilson, came into our camp to notify us that he had wounded a young bear swimming in a pond about one mile away from our camp. Knowing that we always had the kids with us hunting (my kids were 3, 2 at the time) he wanted us to know.

You Gotta Love Wyoming!
Jerry Beach

  My buddy Steve’s 2004 Wyoming trip for the Mule Deer season started much like many of the previous years.

  After two and a half days of travel they reached Casper where he and the others in his party gathered at Walmart to make sure they had all their supplies.

  They filled the propane tanks in their rigs – 5th wheels and trailers - got extra water and topped off their fuel tanks.