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A Stalking Nightmare
Quinton Hill

This hunt was one of the coolest hunts I personally have ever had. I was archery hunting and I was 18 (1988). Opening day I woke up nice and early and headed out still hunting as we always did back in the day. Our morning hunt would take us until around 10:30 or 11:00 a.m. and depending on how things went sometimes later.

Alaska-Yukon Moose Hunt in the Northwest Territories

What you are about to read is 100% true!!!  Sit back, open a can of soda or pour some coffee because this was truly the hunt of a lifetime.

At the conclusion of a week long Kodiak Island Fishing and Sitka Blacktail Hunt in September, my plans were to head to the Northwest Territories to Hunt with David and Dallas Dutchik of Redstone Trophy Hunts for Alaska-Yukon Moose, possibly a book Mountain Caribou and a nice Dall Sheep if the opportunity presented itself.

Calling My First Coyote

Despite growing up on a farm in rural northeast Colorado in a family full of avid hunters, I never really got into coyote hunting. Peak coyote season coincided with basketball season. In high school, I played basketball, which meant that I went to school right as the sun was coming up and never got home till the sun was down. We typically had games on both Friday and Saturday night. Sunday meant it was time to recover, get some homework done, and get ready for the upcoming week.

Daughter's First Big Game Hunt - Idaho Black Bear

Hunting with Flying B Ranch in Kamiah, Idaho, my daughter was able to harvest her first big game animal, Black Bear.  She fought terrible wet weather and managed to fight through until she got her Bear on the last day of the hunt. Tim Abell with ESPN Outdoors was there filming an injured veteran on a hunt and this little girl was able to stick it out with the pros. She used her Remington Model 700, .270 with a Zeiss Scope that only her hands were used to sight in every click. This truly was her hunt with her gun.

New Mexico Pronghorn 84 5/8 SCI Gold
Steve Leone

I've found my most enjoyable hunts coming from animals I honestly never thought I'd want to harvest.  At the top of the list is the Pronghorn Antelope.  My ignorance was buried in the thought that "they all look the same" and seemed pretty dumb.  Driving through Prescott, Arizona or Route 60 from Show Low, Arizona to Socorro, New Mexico they just stand in the road and don't want to move.  I've landed at the Denver, Colorado airport and they are feeding within a couple hundred yards of the runway.  A buck looks like a buck and a doe is definitely a doe.

I Don't Deserve a Turkey!
Mike Skelly

It was the last weekend of the fall turkey season.  Rob decided to sleep in.  So it was just my hunting partner Gene and I meeting at the Adams’ farm in Whitehall.  Gene had introduced me to Ed Adams and invited me to hunt on his dairy farm where we had seen turkeys for the last several years.  It was a turkey hunters' paradise where you could see turkeys any day you hunted them.  It just doesn’t get much better than that. 

Almost Too Close
Quinton Hill

This elk hunt took place in 1989 and I was 19 years old. It was the first combined season (back then the first season was combined deer and elk) and some relatives from Nebraska were hunting with us. We arrived to set up camp the Friday before season in the afternoon.

Family Deer Hunt in Texas

I posted earlier about my first whitetail but decided to tell the whole story. After years of thinking about it I finally decided to book a hunt for whitetail in Texas. After months of searching the internet for a good deal I booked a 3 day management hunt in Childress Texas. This would be a first whitetail hunt for my son and I and a return for my dad after 25 years.

My First Gobbler
Mike Skelly

I had spent three weekends unsuccessfully trying to call turkeys to me - without success.  So – for the fourth weekend I decided to change strategy.  I would leave decoys and blinds behind and instead of trying to call the birds to me, I would go to them.

Heart Attack Elk

This is a story about my brother in law who like me had been putting in for an elk tag for the Book Cliffs in Utah for what seamed like forever. I had drawn my tag the year before and had taken a nice 7x6 bull at 7:05 on the opening morning but that is another story.  When the notifications came out we found out that he had drawn his tag for the hunt so the planning started. Then on a Wednesday morning towards the end of May I got a phone call.  My brother in law was headed to the hospital for open heart surgery.