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Every hunter likes to share stories about their experiences afield and many hunters like to hear these stories. The Photos & Stories section of (BGH) allows hunters to share their hunting adventures in the form of stories and photos. Please feel free to browse, read, and contribute to this section of BGH.
The Turkey Hunter

The day dawned clear and cold as the hunter prepared to leave on his first wild turkey hunt.  His mind was spinning with visions of large tom turkeys strutting in front of a hen decoy....  Looking down from his stand in the trees, the muscles in his upper back and arms strained as he ever so slowly raised his Matthew's bow and drew the string.  Seventy pounds of pull seemed like a hundred as the adrenaline of the moment took its toll. His breathing came fast and hard and his heart pounded like the beating of wings as he waited for the right moment.

17 Year Old Helps Mother Get Her First Bull Elk

Our strategy for drawing tags in Arizona may not produce the most desired hunts, but it keeps our family together and in the field having a great time.  This past season, my son drew a late 3B Blackpowder Tag and my wife drew a late 3A/3C Rifle Tag.  The hunts were on the same dates which made things a little chaotic. Fortunately they both started the day after Thanksgiving and we had some friends available to help us. The only draw back for my son was that he only had 2 1/2 days to hunt because he had to be to school on Monday morning.

23 Years After First Elk Hunt, Dad Gets His Bull

My father first headed to Gunnison Colorado 23 years ago on his first Elk Hunt.  Two days before he left, I fell 27 feet head first from an unattended ladder leaning on a scaffold in a warehouse.  After waiting his whole life to go on the trip, everyone persuaded him to go and headed out with a group of friends he grew up hunting with. I was in the hospital after reconstructive surgery on my left arm just happy to be alive. He couldn't enjoy the hunt in Colorado knowing I was still laid up and came home early worried more about me than hunting.

Colorado Rifle Buck Antelope Hunt 2010

For the 2010 Colorado Rifle Antelope Season, my friend and I both ended up with buck tags for the area near my father-in-laws house.  All summer, I had been keeping an eye on antelope in the area, and I knew there were a few decent-sized bucks in the area.  My friend had never hunted antelope, and this would be his first hunt in Colorado.  He grew up in Indiana hunting whitetails, so hunting the wide-open plains was going to be a new experience for him. 

14 Year Old's Spring Black Bear Hunt

On a Saturday Morning at my first SCI Convention, I found myself as one of maybe the first 50 to 75 people rolling in after a long night in Reno.  One of the first donation hunts up for auction was a Spring Spot and Stalk Black Bear Hunt in British Columbia.  I was not there for this hunt, but it was such an incredible deal that I had to grab it.  It seemed like a perfect opportunity to spend time with my 14 year old son in the middle of nowhere and get him a shot at a Big Game Animal after years of being at my side on Deer Hunts.

Sometimes You Just Don't Use Names

Elk Hunting in New Mexico's Unit 4 during the peak of the rut is an amazing experience.  You hear Bulls bugling throughout the night and you can't walk 20 minutes in any direction without bumping into Elk.  You drive into base camp and you see Elk the whole way.  Hop on a horse and you see Elk.  Jump in an ATV and you see more Elk.  Yes, these are free ranging wild Elk jumping the Colorado State Line to mate and continue on for their winter migration.

Texas Sandhill Crane Hunt

Last year when we were heading back home from south Texas we noticed a lot of sandhill cranes along the highway in the panhandle area. At that time we commented on how cool it might be to hunt birds as big as some of the animals we chase. After getting home as usual I started looking for a new place to hunt hogs and maybe a deer hunt for the next year in Texas. We have gone for hogs twice now but have never been really satisfied with the service received on these ranches.

Arizona "Dry Ground" Mountain Lion Hunt

If you enjoy doing things the hard way, there is no Lion hunt like a Dry Ground Mountain Lion Hunt in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico or Utah's High Deserts.  Your appreciation for what dry ground hounds can do is amazing.  You may not even see Lion Scat or Track.  Scent may seem undetectable without humidty, moisture or frost. The most impressive part for me is seeing the dogs change direction with no bearing of direction like you could get from a full or partial claw mark in the mud, sand or snow.

Colorado 2010 Late Plains Rifle Buck Hunt

After two years sitting on the sidelines waiting to accumulate the points necessary to draw the buck tag that I wanted, I drew a Colorado Late Plains Rifle Antlered Deer for the 2010 season.  This license would allow me to hunt in the area in which I grew up.  It also allowed me to take advantage of my dad’s lifetime of knowledge of the wildlife in the area and his current scouting.  As a final plus, my parent’s house is a little over an hour’s drive from my house making for an accessible and inexpensive hunt. 

British Columbia Mixed Bag Hunt

I live in Arizona and have a Mountain Home that borders the White Mountain Apache Reservation and can hunt 4 of the premier Elk Units in the world with less than an hour drive in any direction.  About another two and half hours straight east down Route 60 I have another property in New Mexico's Unit 17 bordering National Forest and BLM where 3 Governors Bulls have been shot within 5 miles of my land. The last thing I had any plans of shooting on a British Columbia Mixed Bag Hunt was a 310 +/- class Elk.