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You Saw Them First - You Shoot!
Jerry Beach

It was the fall of 2008. Steve and his wife, Donna, along with some other good friends had once again drawn mule deer tags for an area in north central Wyoming. This was the fourteenth year that he had been out there, and he and his hunting partners knew the area quite well – at least the part of it that they normally hunted. The terrain varied from flat to rolling with lots of stones on the ground weathered by years of being exposed to the elements. From rolling, it transitioned to steeper draws and small canyons.

Thanks to a True Sportsman from Missouri
Jerry Beach

This story is about a guy named Ken who went on a mule deer hunt to Wyoming with his dad Steve, and several other good friends. Ken is really an archery guy. He is one of those who think that shooting deer with a rifle is just a little too easy. But his dad and some of his friends had been going from Michigan to Wyoming for a few years, and he was talked into going along this time, partly because he had never been out there before, and partly just because he ought to try it once.

A Buffalo Cow for Meat

In 2000, my longtime hunting friend and partner, Gale Palmer and I did a buffalo hunt on the Bellknap Indian Reservation in North-central Montana.  On that hunt, we both harvested nice bulls and did our best to transpose ourselves back a hundred years in time.  The meat was fantastic but like all good things, it too came to an end. Since Gale likes to live on wild meat, he decided to return to Montana for a "meat" hunt. Please understand that the word "hunt" becomes a bit suspect here, but he did his best to create a hunting atmosphere on this outing.

My 2010 Buck

It was a nice chilly frosty morning and the date was November 3rd. My son had shot his buck November 1st and I was headed out to try and get mine. I was going to our favorite stand which is where my son shot his buck also. We have a few different names for this stand. They are "The Stand", "The Hole", and "The Apple Orchard". This stand has produced many does and several bucks on a yearly basis since 1999. It is our best stand bar none.

Buck Hollow
Jerry Beach

I wasn’t really convinced that this was a good spot to set up on opening day. It was too close to the two track road that ran through this area. It didn’t seem to have anything to offer a deer by way of food or cover.  And, I had already spent two evenings and a morning perched in a tree stand not 20 yards away during archery season and hadn’t seen anything except squirrels.

A Season to Remember

Well, here it is now going into the 2010 deer season and my good friend Mike and I have put up a couple new ladder stands in hopes of surprising an unsuspecting buck. It's hard to give up your normal spots especially when you've had some luck there but you need to be versatile and be able to move a little just to change the normal routine to help fool the old ghost of the woods. We worked together and moved Mike's stand to a good vantage point where he could easily spot a buck trying to sneak by and get from his feeding area to his daily bedding area.

Maine Bear

I remember well the year we had made plan's on going back to Maine on a black bear hunt. My wife didn't have an interest in bear hunting but agreed to tag along and video tape the hunt to go with the story. I had contacted my friend Mark and plans were made for the hunt. I didn't have to travel to Maine to get a black bear but listening to all the stories of what it was like to hunt in Maine for them and after being there with my wife for her first buck i just had to go try it. On this trip i elected to use my Remington 50 caliber black powder rifle.

Nebraska Hybrid Turkey Hunt (Rio Grande / Merriams)

We did a Spring Turkey Hunt with Hunt Nebraska Inc. in the area surrounding Arapahoe, Nebraska last Spring and had an excellent experience after a horrible flight in a storm from Denver to McCook. (We won't get political, but it was Senator Ben Nelson airport after he pulled off the Cornhusker Kickback so a little upchuck may have been appropriate).

My 1.5-Point Buck
Jerry Beach

“How big was your buck?”, is a familiar question that is asked among deer hunters. Typical answers usually range from, “A spike” to, “An eight-pointer”, or anything in between. Sometimes the number goes even higher to nine, ten or more. In my neck of the woods (Michigan), there are some big deer, to be sure. But more often than not, the number of points on a whitetail that is killed here will be eight or less.

Spring Double

It was early April and turkey season was opening on May 1st. The snow had finally melted away and it was finally time to start my spring scouting for turkey sign. With the landowner's permission I loaded my 4-wheeler into the back of my truck and headed up to the farm to just ride the many trails that went through the property. I was looking for tracks left in the damp areas of the logging roads by wandering birds.