Yukon Dall Sheep and Moose Hunt

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During the first two weeks of September 2004, I was able to take a trip with Dickson outfitters in Canada's Yukon province for a combination sheep/moose hunt. We flew three hours north out of Whitehorse to a base camp on a lake, then ventured north for another day by horse to arrive at the sheep camp.

While sheep hunting, we rode two to three hours per day in magnificent, rough, and physically demanding country. Each new day presented sheep opportunities, but I wanted to hold out for a nice ram. On the fourth day we spotted a respectable dall ram, but the four hour stalk was blown by a couple of previously undetected ewes.

The next morning we rode out early and spotted the same nice ram with two others along with a few ewes roughly three miles away. After stalking for five hours we could not get any closer than 400 yards. I had practiced a great deal prior to the hunt at 400 yards, so we prepared a good rest. I waited for my pulse to slow down and slowly pulled the trigger. After the recoil I brought the scope back on the ram and saw his hind legs were kicking. Upon later examination, the bullet had entered at the base of the neck, an unbelievable shot, no doubt someone was riding on my shoulder that day. I shoot a 300 Weatherby Mag with a 4-12x50 TDS-Plex Swarvorski Scope, an excellent combo.

Speaking of combos, after a three day horse ride into moose country, my guide called in a nice bull moose from over two miles away to within 75 yards. Needless to say we had a great bull with a lot of points. What a hunt!


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There's nothing that gets my

There's nothing that gets my blood pumping harder than seeing a nice big rack sitting across the back of a horse. something seems so right about it.

I wish I could be a packer for the rest of my life. it's so simple. no computers, no cell phones, no day-care... just me, hardwork, and some horses.

if you see that outfitter again, and he needs a packer. just send me a message, i can be there in like, 3 days!

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Very nice animals!!! Great

Very nice animals!!! Great job!!!

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beautiful sheep and moose.

beautiful sheep and moose. congrats