Yukon Hunting Photos & Stories

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The Great Caribou Hunt of '08
Benton F. Iles
So, I'm all packed, gun and bow in tow, and I met Matt and Davin in Ontario. (Each time I hunt with them, I get further in debt.) We were on our last leg to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The next morning we are up early and met by none other than John Andre himself; Owner/operator of Courageous Lake Outfitters. John ensured we got our hunting licenses and all of our gear on a float plane bound for 150 miles north of Yellowknife.
Yukon Dall Sheep and Moose Hunt
Greg Verdugt
During the first two weeks of September 2004, I was able to take a trip with Dickson outfitters in Canada's Yukon province for a combination sheep/moose hunt. We flew three hours north out of Whitehorse to a base camp on a lake, then ventured north for another day by horse to arrive at the sheep camp.
Jack's Record Alaska-Yukon Moose
Dean Nelsen
Here is my ten year old son Jack Nelsen of Staples, MN. Jack shot this 255.5 B&C Alaska-Yukon bull moose this past September 2004. Jack’s moose was officially scored number two in the world by Rob Naplin of Park Rapids, MN. The bull had a 77 inch wide spread and was taken with one shot at 80 yards.