Youth Deer Hunting Success in Maine

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This is my grandson Gaige Plunginger, age 12 with his first nice 8-point buck which he got with his 44 Ruger, in the Maine 2009 season. He downed the deer with one shot, on a day with the rain coming down hard.

We sat in the stand for over 3 hours in the rain, for this buck to come out. He turn to me after he saw the deer go down, and said: Papa I got him, and he want down, papa I just love to hunt. To hear him say this and to be with him meant more to me than any deer I ever shot. Thank you for letting me share this with others.


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Great Story

I always love seeing young hunters with thier trophy's. Has off to any hunters young or old for sitting in the rain for 3 hours waiting for a deer.

Congratulations Gaige and keep on hunting. If your ever in Kansas look me up.

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Great story and nice buck for

Great story and nice buck for your first one.

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Thas awesome, its nice to see

Thas awesome, its nice to see the young one out there.

Nice buck and good job

Nice buck and good job

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Awesome job...where were you

Awesome job...where were you hunting......general area.