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Young Man, Big Bull
Big Al Wapiti

Eleven years old and Brady already had the need to hunt big bulls. After being unsuccessful on drawing a juniors only cow tag for the first two year, I can remember the day he said to me “ dad I just want to hunt big bull elk." So from that day forward the plan kicked in. It wasn’t rocket science but I knew that by the time he was a young man and with a little luck, he would have a great chance at being drawn for a great Arizona tag.

Father and Son's First Turkey Hunt

My son and I wanted to give turkey hunting a try. It was the spring of 2004. I had never been turkey hunting but I did shoot a hen once when I was deer hunting. We bought a few videos and read some magazines to get a few tips for the upcoming youth season. We also took in the annual Deer and Turkey Expo and attended several different turkey hunting seminars. Where we hunt our deer we had seen a large number of turkeys in the fall and seen some very nice gobblers. I bought a box call and practiced with it a little.

Father and Daughter Hunt
Scott Scherer

The memories of a Father and Son hunt are Awesome but the memories of a Father Daughter hunt are SPEECHLESS. But I'm going to try and tell you anyway.

I was getting ready to take a few clients out west on a Turkey hunt and they asked if I would hunt with them. I told them that my tags were filled but I'm here for them not me. We later that night after supper thought it would be awesome to take my Daughter(CJ) out of school and take her on her first ever turkey hunt.

Father and Son Kansas Deer Hunt
Scott Scherer

I was working on getting my lodge ready for the 2008 hunting season and my son wanted to go scouting for Youth season whitetail deer here in Kansas. I told my son that I was busy and he should go out and let me know what he could find (wanted him to do something on his own).

My son came home right after dark and told me about these 3 larger than life bucks that he saw. I told him it sounded like a fish story cause these 3 bucks kept growing every time I heard the story.

My First Buck!
Deer Slayer

It was the afternoon of November 6th, 2002. My dad picked me up from school, and we rushed home to get ready to go out to the woods for an evening rut hunt. After we got ready, we drove to our spot, sprayed down and began walking towards our spots. It was only my second year of deer hunting, so I still hunted on the ground, so I had my groundblind and my dad wasn't too far away in his treestand.

My Daughter's Opening Day Deer

As I am getting ready for this years archery season, I found this story I posted on another site in October 2008. It was my oldest daughters first deer hunt. I had an elk tag and she had a buck tag. I had been in the area she drew her tag for archery season, but I was unable to harvest a deer, but I knew good places to take her for rifle season. Now she's 17, starting college (she graduated high school at 16) and doesn't want to hang out with dear ol' dad as much. She said depending on her class schedule, she may go again this year, but who knows for sure.

New Mexico Youth Elk Story
Russ Behrens
Like all of you, we await the results of the western big game draws with great anticipation.  Until 2009, we had never drawn one of the premier tags.  After checking the New Mexico draw results, we learned that my 16 year old nephew was soon to hold a very special elk tag in his hands.  My younger brother has some experience hunting elk in Wyoming; however neither my nephew Carter nor I had hunted elk and we have extremely limited hunting experience outside the Midwest.
Jonah's First Deer
Jeremy Swisher
Two very long days in stands. We moved three times the 1st day hunting as guests on a lease in Millividge GA. Always walking into the tree stands 1 hr prior to sunrise and walked out at dark. Let me just say for a father and son (from Northern Maine used to tracking in snow and still hunting) in a two man tree stand sitting for 3 to 4 hours at a time being silent and watching will task your willpower.
Casey's First Antelope Hunt
Paul Myers
Casey was drawn for a New Mexico antelope youth hunt on the 2C/ Ranch outside of Roswell on the weekend of 19-20 Sep. 2009. We coordinated a scouting trip with the land owner Mrs. Candy Ezzel the Wednesday prior and spotted some animals just before dark which gave us a good outlook for the weekend.
Arizona Youth Turkey Hunt
Fred Broadus
Christian (12) and James (10) Broadus tagged these 2 nice toms on the second day of their turkey hunt. We started out Friday morning and spent the day trying to locate a tom without any success.